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Yandex Services completed the transition to HTTPS


Yandex.Webmaster Team reported the completion of the transition  Yandex services on secure protocol HTTPS.

Yandex Webmaster



Yandex Service  every day becoming more reliable. This also applies to services for webmasters. Most of them are now available only via HTTPS, and the same is true for all API Yandex. In the near future access by HTTP is closed even for API, where it remains.

Webmasters are strongly encouraged to make sure that the data exchange with the services of Yandex, in particular through the API Webmasters and XML-search , it takes over HTTPS.

Recall in August 2014 Google announced that starting in test mode, consider using HTTPS on the site as a signal for ranking.

“We have already seen the first positive results from the use of the HTTPS protocol sites. That’s why we decided to analyze the use of HTTPS on the website and consider this factor as a signal ranking.

However, in the future, we plan to significantly increase the impact of the signal on the ranking of resources to grant Google”, – said representatives of the search giant.

According to Google statistics , the number of sites that support HTTPS, for the past two years has increased by 300%.

More about the benefits in the rankings, which will get each page of the site with the full transition to the protocol HTTPS, read the interview with the analyst and engineer Google Search Quality Ilshem Gary (Gary Illyes).


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