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Why You Need to Edit Your Blog Posts

Edit Your Blog Posts

Editing your blog posts is of the utmost importance. However, very few people actually edit their blog articles before they post them. Perfect shows attention to detail and high-quality work.

It is not good enough if you just have good ideas. You need to be able to express those ideas well. The expression is a close second to the ideas themselves. It is generally a good idea, if possible, to have another person edit your content in addition to you. As good as the writing may be, the writer will inevitably miss something in his or her blog content because he or she knows what the content is supposed to say and may miss errors.

The following are important reasons why you need to edit your blog postings:

Correcting typos:

Correcting typos is obvious for most people. If you leave typos in your blog content, you will start to lose a large percentage of your audience and you will also lose your credibility with those visitors who don’t leave right away. Those visitors who decide to stay and thus, remain loyal to you, deserve better than content that is less than perfect.

Writing with your readers in mind

Once you have written your blog post, step back from it for a day and then read it again. There are always ways that you will be able to improve upon what you wrote yesterday.

Adding more images:

Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect image for your content. Images are really inconsequential when it comes to rankings in the search engines and thus does not really affect your volume of traffic. However, images really help to make blog postings attractive to visitors, which will make them want to keep reading.

Only regenerating old blog postings:

It is understandable that constantly writing original (and fresh) content can be difficult, depending on how often you post. It is acceptable to recycle content sometimes (of course, you need to make sure that the articles that you are recycling haven’t been used in several months) but you also need to make the effort to come up with new ideas to incorporate into your blog postings.

Optimizing search engine visibility:

It is probably safe to assume that one of your goals in business is to drive more traffic to your website. That certainly is a great argument for editing your blog postings before you publish them. You can track the reason why people visit your blog through analytics. Your keywords are essential and if you have errors, the visitors will not be able to find you.

Incorporating feedback from your visitors:

If you write interesting and quick (and error free) blog postings, you will eventually get comments from some of your visitors. You may want to include the comments that you receive from your visitors in subsequent blog postings. Sometimes, your visitors’ comments may inspire a whole new blog posting. In other cases, you may want to incorporate visitors’ comments into already-existing blog postings.

Creating permanently valuable blog content:

Once you have created blog content, it will exist forever. Although online content can be edited or tweaked as much as you like, if well written, it should have a lasting effect on those who read it. Enticing visitors to visit your website is the most difficult part of the process so you want to make sure that once the visitors decide to spend the time on your website; their visit is as wonderful as possible. Additionally, it is very important to make sure that your visitors see relevant content if they are directed to any material that has been archived from links on your website.


Hopefully, you now understand why editing your blog postings before you post them or going back and carefully editing older blog postings is so important. It strengthens your credibility and reputation online and makes a strong statement on how much you care about the quality of what you are sharing with others.

Please remember that editing is necessary for all writing. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced writer or a new writer. It doesn’t matter if you write technical papers or novels. All types of written word must be edited.

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