Why SEO is not a trustworthy business

Despite the importance of SEO, many businesses are hesitant when it comes to hiring an SEO company for their website. Thousands of SEO companies are active on the internet and all of them call themselves an expert. There are no standards for measuring the quality of an SEO company ad often business owners fall victim to fraudulent companies who promise great results, but get the whole business blacklisted on all popular search engines by using unethical, and at times illegal activities to promote a website. There is not shortage of genuine SEO companies that will do a great work for you, but finding them is not easy, and the fake companies usually attract customers by promising amazing results which are not possible using white hat techniques alone.

Zag Seo Infographic

Stop getting duped by fraudulent SEO companies

You may no longer trust SEO service providers, but a large portion of that blame lies on you. Never forget that if something sounds too good to be true, it almost always is a fraud. A genuine SEO company will always clearly explain to you how they will promote your business, and the expected time that it will take before you see any change in the search engine ranking of your website.

Do your homework before you approach any SEO service provider

A genuine SEO company will never tell you that you will start seeing results in days. Only a fraud company will make claims like that, or tell you that they can buy a rank for you. No top search engine allows that, and you should never fall for such a trick. Make some effort on your part, and familiarize yourself with the Google Webmaster guidelines. They contain a lot of SEO related advices and you will benefit a lot from being familiar with them.

The trust factor for the SEO industry is at an all time low. There are many reports of businesses being duped by dishonest SEO companies. Make a little effort to find out what SEO is so that you can pick a trustworthy SEO service provider.

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