Where to get content to the site

First you need to think of what the area will cover your website and search in the internet sites on this topic. Having read them, you need to make a list of sections and topics that you like on those sites. Next, create the site structure and begin to fill the site content. Here is when the fun begins – of course write articles dealing funny, but at times boring.

Therefore, we consider what are the general ways of creating content:

  • Way #1 – Write articles yourself – the best, but tired.
  • Way #2 – To steal from someone else’s article site – easy, but plagiarism, although you can try, especially if the author is still.
  • Way #3 – Taking someone else’s article, posting back links to the author’s site – usually works and does not require a lot of time.
  • Way #4 – Use the services of copywriters – if you have money, you can find trained people who write very good article for money.
  • Way #5 – Create a doorway – bad of course, but if you want – why not. Doorway, in one of its manifestations, can be represented as a so-called Link farm, which is nothing more than a page is filled with an excessive number of outbound links.
  • Way #6 – Create a program online – if you are a programmer, then why not.

And in general a good idea to create a content that is generated by the users themselves, and it slightly moderate. The most optimal cost of time and effort, it can be a variety of forums, directories, guest books, etc., to which the Internet there are plenty of ready-made and free scripts – in short, write, write and write.

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