Where to get a unique picture?

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Almost every webmaster that behaves to the websites seriously and wants to score a success, care of that text was unique. In fact exactly unique text, the searching systems index very quickly. However, by posting unique articles, we often forget about the fact that search engines have long learned to recognize the uniqueness of images as well as text.

And Google and Yandex there are a bunch of boats, one of which, and perhaps even more, defines the uniqueness of images. How he does it, by no means, I do not know.

I can only assume that the bot parses the image pixel by determining the number of repetitions for all indexed pictures, the same pixel at a certain location in the image. Whatever it was, the search engines are able to clearly define the uniqueness of images. And therefore, we should not forget about it by posting pictures on their websites.

But where do we get a unique picture?

  1. 1. Create a unique image can each. Suffice it to apply filters, add copyright, something to cut and paste the picture, which is already a long time ago is in the index of search engines and is   non-unique. Of course, this method can not achieve 100% unique pictures, but still it can be used.
  1. 2. Draw yourself from “scratch”. A good way to get 100% unique picture, however, should be able to draw beautifully. At least in Photoshop.
  1. 3. Make the photos by youself. This unique way to get the image just fine, but is not suitable for any site, because the picture must be suitable for tematichnosti to the article.
  1. 4. Take advantage of special photobanks . Effort on the budget, but for without problems.
  1. 5. Order picture to freelancer or designer. Doubly effort on budget.
  1. 6. The documents of the social network Facebook, you can find electronic journals in PDF format and the “pull” of these pictures.

Finally, you find the desired image, you should still check for uniqueness. This service will help us to verify the uniqueness of images Tineye.Com. All elementary simple, download and check.

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