What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is an emerging tactic used by online companies to promote their products and services. With video marketing a digital video is produced and submitted to one or more video sharing sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, PhotoBucket and others. The sites provide a platform for displaying your video along with thousands of others.

Online videos can convey a marketing message in a similar fashion to television media, so it is something that people are familiar with. The effectiveness of static text ads and image ads on the web is declining because users quickly learn to “tune out” most static advertising, but videos tend to draw users in and increases the “stickiness” of a site and users spend more time on the site looking for additional interesting videos.

Video marketing is useful in the sense that information regarding the products and services is more dynamic. We tend to understand and act more quickly when we are enticed by promos that are “catchy” and include actual product demonstrations. Video advertising feeds a basic need for entertainment and hence the response rate can be much higher, and the product of service being promoted will be more memorable.

Online video marketing is evolving very fast. You can see many advertisements on YouTube if you do a search. There are even job seekers who use video resumes to demonstrate their presentations skills. If you have a particular talent or skill that can be conveyed visually, video marketing can be used to show people what you can do or what you have to offer.

Advantages of video marketing

  • Dynamic content.
  • A more entertaining form of advertising.
  • Greater reception amongst the target market.
  • If well done, excitement can be created with the consumers.
  • A higher click-through rate can be achieved because the message is conveyed much more easily.
  • Greater personal communication with the target market in terms of communication.

Things to note when engaging in video marketing

Video marketing is still in the early stages of catching on. You need to integrate video marketing with other forms of advertisements as well in order to gain more coverage. If you just place video ads and let them run without doing any other form of advertising, your video response will take more time before it reaches its target and its peak. Hence, if you couple your video marketing efforts with text, image, article marketing and other forms, you will be able to gain much more audience. The idea is to drive potential customers to the video ads, and then let the video ads sell the product or service you are offering.

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One issue to note is that search engine spiders do not do a good job of crawling video content. Some search engines, such as Google, are just beginning to crawl a few forms of video that contain text content, such as some forms of Flash, but they may never be able to crawl video images. You should therefore assume that the video content itself will not be crawled by search engines. It is therefore important to assure that the web pages where videos reside are search engine friendly. This could be done by naming the video accurately with keywords. HTML title tags and other page elements are very important. Include keywords in the alt attributes for any static images. Captions and content should accompany the video. The idea is to give the spiders the spiders some textual content to crawl.

Utilize as many video sites as you can find to display your message. You Tube is only one platform. There are many other video sites and platforms available where you can post your videos–and most are free. Online forums are good avenue for displaying your videos. Just join several forums with a topic theme that matched the theme of your videos. Forums can also be a good method for drawing attention to videos you have posted on other sites.

If you have an option to do so with your favorite video sharing site, allow people to embed your video in their web pages. This can dramatically increase the video’s exposure and can lead to viral marketing. If you restrict the video’s viewing to a particular site, you will end up with a limited audience.

The best way to learn about video marketing is to spend some time at YouTube.com viewing other videos. Sign up for a free account and upload a personal digital video to see how the process works. It is not very difficult to do and it can open up new avenues that may increase your advertising effectiveness.

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