What Is Domain

Domain is an abbreviation of the domain name is a unique name in the interenet. That is, a sequence of letters , numbers and symbols that uniquely identify Internet resources.

Generally speaking access to the network is carried over TCP / IP protocol and the IP address identifies a network location .

A domain name uniquely identifies the IP address of the server, and are engaged in the so-called DNS server (name resolution server) that translates IP in the domain name. The user does not need to memorize different obscure figures, but rather remember the name of your server, so the next time type it in the address bar of the browser.

It turns out from here, that the more memorized domain presents a large value, but it is other theme.

Furthermore domains divided in zones , each zone its namespace.

Most popular domain zones are:

  • .com – commercial, the most popular area of the Internet
  • .net – technical
  • .org – organizations
  • .info – information domains
  • .biz – business- structure

Also there are other less popular zone:

  • name – name
  • museum – museums
  • pro – professionals
  • aero – avio
  • coop – cooperatives
  • mobi -Mobile
  • asia – Asia

Also, each country has its own area , and with its own characteristics and rules of registration, such as .ru – Russia, .de – Germany etc.

A domain can consist of English letters, digits, and hyphens, and hyphens should not be at the beginning or end of the name.
The minimum length of a domain name – 2-3 characters, depending on the zone, and the maximum – 63 characters. More information on zones and  valid name you can found on the ICANN website

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