What are backlinks?

If there is one word that needs to be central to your vocabulary when discussing web search optimization or SEO, it’s backlinks.  Backlinks are, quite simply, one of the most important elements of your SEO strategy- if not THE most important.

Search engines like Google, are very interested in how important your site it.  This poses a problem because “importance” is somewhat of a subjective notion.  In order to create a method of measuring importance, search engines companies have created an algorithm, or a set of rules, that looks at how many sites have created links on their own site to the content on yours.  They have done this because they believe that if other people believe your site is interesting and have therefore chosen to share your content, then your site must be important.

The basic idea is that the more backlinks that you have pointing at your site, the higher Google and other search engines will place it in their overall keyword rank.

You may hear people talk about backlinks, incoming links, inbound links or one-way links; essentially they all mean the same thing.

Having read this post, if you’re interested in improving your search engine rankings, you may be tempted to rush out now and try and generate lots of backlinks to your site or pay one of the thousands of companies who advertise their backlink building services on the Internet.  BE CAREFUL.  Not all backlinks are good links and generating links to your site in the wrong way can be severely damaging to your website ranking.

Google and other search engines are not only interested in the quantity of backlinks, they are also very interested in the quality.  Again, another subjective term… how does Google measure the quality of a backlink?

They use several methods.  One of the ways in which it judges the quality of the backlink is to look at the nature of the site from which the link came.  If you have a lot of links from new sites, sites that contain hundreds and thousands of links, sites with a bad reputation, poorly ranking sites or sites that get very few visitors then it will probably not rate those links highly.  For this reason you should outright avoid any company that promises to build you thousands of links or tells you that they know some secret about incoming links.  The chances are that they are using blackhat SEO methods (something that will damage your rankings) or will create links that Google doesn’t rate and will therefore penalize.

In order to generate high quality links you need four things:

1) Good link text

2) Links that are on a high quality website that search engines rate highly

3) One way links

4) Links on sites that are relevant to your own keywords or key phrases.

Over the next few blog posts we are going to look at backlinks in much more detail and intend to share some proven methods of developing high quality links that really will help your search rankings.   Some will be super quick and easy and others will take more time and effort but will make a bigger difference.  We will also look at the dangerous link building practices that you should avoid at all costs.  Stay tuned and please consider sharing our content with any friends you think will benefit from our blog entries; you can do this using the share bar below.

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