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Wayin started a search on content of social networks

Wayin Search Engine

Company Wayin, owned by Martech, announced the launch of the search engine on social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Wayin was founded in 2010. A company is specialized on a help to the brands in the reflection of relevant social content on different channels that is present in their order : in news translations, on web-sites or monitors into shops.

New service offers to the companies  the ability to search social content relating to them, real-time and analysis of the results, assorted on a location, sex of users and period of time. An instrument represents the moods and context, related to social content, also.

“Currently, social networks contain so much information that digital marketers working with social media, it is often difficult to find relevant content when it is needed, and to act in a timely manner,” – said CEO Wayin Elaine Feeney  in a release.

Search Engine in Social Network

In a company’s blog launch of a new functional details disclosed:
“The process by which a new platform Wayin processes the data of social media, incredibly effective. Only hashtags can not give marketers the information they need. At the same time, hashtags in conjunction with keyword, location, and then filter on the floor of users and correlated with other data sets will provide marketers with the information they are looking for. ”

Searching in real time has been proposed Wayin current customers as a new product. Pricing for all services of the company based on the amount of data that the client needs to access, visualization complexity and the number of accounts.

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