Title, Description and Keywords

Language Html, on which is written the majority of Internet sites, was developed in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee. The title tag, meta description tags and keywords – an integral part of the programming language. The above tags tell the search engine robot:

  • What is the title of these html-pages (tag title)?
  • What content in the given html-pages (tag description)?
  • What keyword search engine could rank this html-page (tag keywords)?

In the early 90s of the last century tag title, description and keywords facilitate the search engines work to identify the most relevant search queries web pages. However, did not last long. The Internet is evolving, becoming more sites, between them there was competition for getting into the top 10.

Some webmasters decide that all means are good fight and began to apply for promotion of their websites unscrupulous methods. Namely – spam by keywords meta tags, description and keywords. For a time, this method worked, and such sites are in the top 10. And it was not always the best sites.

Therefore, search engines will soon no longer rely on keywords contained in the description meta tags and keywords. Moreover, those sites that have been identified by spam meta tag, description and keywords, hit the search engines and filter no longer participate in the SERP  (Search engine results page).

Thus, unlike the tag title, which has retained its importance to search engines and to this day, meta tags description and keywords are now not as an essential factor for website promotion. Moreover, if you fill out the wrong description meta tags and keywords, then your site can easily get into the filter search engines.

By the way, how correctly to make the title tag we wrote in the article:

Tag title, title optimization site – step by step guide

In this article we will answer the question: how to fill the description and keywords tags, and not fall into the “ban” the search engines? Let’s start with the tag keywords. Everything is simple, add a few keywords, or leave this tag empty. But with the description tag should be carefully worked. What is so important tag description, unlike his fellow tag keywords?

Here’s the thing – some search engines, especially Google, use the tag description as a snippet. It is because of the snippet description tag should not be just a listing of key phrases, and readable, interesting text. This is important because it is for the information contained in the snippet, the user draws a conclusion – go to it to your website or not.

The theory sorted out. And what about the practice? How to enter the description and keywords tags in the html-code page? These tags, as well as title tag should be registered in the container <head> … .. </ head>.

Title description keyword

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