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The amount of content on the website or its quality, which is more important?

Amount of content on site

The main stage of the creation of any website is its filling material, and adding content begins with the birth of the website and accompanies him throughout his life.
As food is essential for all living things, and fresh content supports electronic resource life. In addition to the subject site, as well as, methods of promotion and SEO optimization, every webmaster chooses the policy of filling the site content. Now we will discuss how to make the process more efficient and productive.

Creating a site typically takes only a few minutes, half an hour can go to his set-up and optimization of the original design. From this point you can start adding material.

The new site – is focusing on the amount of content.

At the beginning is to make the site a number of articles at once, otherwise, the first site visitors will be frustrated and leave your site as soon as entering it. This immediately spoil the view of search engines (and visitors themselves) on your site.

What would this do not happen, it is better on the first day to make the site 20 – 50 articles of small volume. To facilitate the promotion of a site, it is better if the titles of articles correspond quite popular search queries (for not too high frequency, otherwise the site will collapse immediately in the tops pressure more authoritative resources).

Material items should be popular and interesting, remember that it is important to attract maximum number of visitors, reducing the failure rate. In particular, for this reason, attention should be paid to the design of the internal site and its optimization. The first few dozen articles may be small, just 1.5 – 3.5 thousand characters more than enough.

Too big for a long time to read the article, and the visitors quickly get tired and leave the site. In addition, it is better to impress the visitors a large number of articles than the volume of only 5 – 12 articles on the site. The exception may be only sites of scientific orientation, the material of which the present informative and unique, even if some articles are of interest to the target audience. But such sites (as, indeed, and these visitors) quite a bit.

Immediately after the addition of the first batch of articles can attract the visitors through social networks or by other methods, it will draw attention to the site search engine before it will begin to steal content more reputable sites.

Fill the site content – start writing more volume and quality of articles.

Further content of the site better to small batches of articles 1 – 4 pieces at a time. Optimal intervals of 5 – 10 days. This will allow the site to quickly fill a medium-sized articles with minimal likelihood of content theft, at the same time, to make a good impression on the search engines. The regular addition of content attracts search engine bots for more frequent indexing of your site content.

When the site has a solid number of articles (usually, more than 500 – 800 units), and many of them have impressive content and size, you can proceed to the final stage of site content. At this stage it is better to add mostly large items, size 4 – 9 thousand characters.. Moreover, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality and content of articles.

Placement of articles of more than 12 thousand. Symbols often is undesirable, since such a large article tire the reader.

It is best to always be guided by the volume of disclosure topics, and proceed from the articles informative, and used to optimize the number of words under the disclosed subject and offers its readers the volume of material. If the subject is difficult to fully disclose in Article moderate volume, while rationally divide it into several parts, the optimal amount of one part is usually 4 – 8 thousand characters.

Large, high-quality full article must be at least 10% of all the articles of the electronic resource. The function of these articles is not only to attract the target audience and inducing them to register, post a comment or other types of activity, but in improving your site’s ranking.

On large, useful, informative articles written beautiful, accessible language, referred to more often and are more likely than small scrap obtained from another material.
The more the site collects articles, especially large, the quality of articles, the less you can add new articles. This happens just because of the high traffic and a large number of inbound links, which are the result of work previously placed quality articles.

For authoritative resource with age 2 – 3 years, you can add only 1 – 2 articles per month. It is important to keep the level of quality and meet the thematic focus of the site.

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