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This small article is written specifically for the novice webmaster that having aimed to promote your site in search engines and do not get the desired effect of their actions in despair gain (in the same search engine) queries such as these – “how to optimize your site,” ” success factors of the website “or” with Tips for optimizing your site. “

It seems that the typing experience Webmasters find something new here is unlikely, but for beginners, the information will be very useful. For convenience, we divide the content into six basic tips – and more convenient for perception and the figure is good :-)

1. Hosting

The first thing that can cause a negative attitude of the search engine (and any ) to your site , so it is a hosting provider on the server where the site is located . It may seem strange , but the slow work of the host  often affect the regularity of the appearance in it the search bot that indexes your pages.Hosting

In order to avoid problems with the host and to achieve regular indexing of your pages , you need to initially scan the soil relatively reliable companies that provide space for websites – look on the internet, ask around with friends or on the forums.

Once you have decided on your ISP and started working with him may well be so that for some time, suddenly the server will be unavailable – this sometimes happens . Normally , providers inform about problems , etc. incident and apologize for any inconvenience. In addition, at your fingertips is always a support , which, in principle , should be regularly to answer your questions about all kinds of failures on the server , etc. issues

If all of the above poorly organized , change the host – permanent prevention and support services still silence to anything does not good .

Factor correct choice of hosting provider – is one of the steps that you have to pass all times and, most importantly, it must pass successfully.

 2. The correct code pages

The correctness of HTML-code your pages – is the second most important factor that can not be underestimated. How easy is the search bot Read your code depends on how few differences there with basic standards of language HTML. Always check your pages on the validity !

At the same time, remember that overloading the website with all sorts of DHTML, as well as Java Script and Flash leads to the fact that most bots turns and walks away – they do not understand these twists. If you want that the site had a similar navigation , do not be lazy to make a map of the site, as well as alternative internal links.

By the above, we add that if the site is made ​​on the basis of frames, it is a bad choice – the spiders will not be able to get beyond what is tag frameset. Designed in the form of frames – a bad decision and it will adversely affect indexing.

 3. Structure of the site

Strive to make your site has a good structure. Under the structure of the site is most often understood as convenient to the user navigate the site – this is equally true of the search bots. The site with a structure that aligned to the needs of the person ( usability ), equivalent to perceived and bot – do not forget that the search algorithms for indexing pages that use semantic analysis, which directly affects their rankings.

4. Keywords

Correct placement of keywords – the key to success. It is based on analysis of a set of keywords, your site is identified as the right and into the crescent of the search request.Keywords
The frequency of keywords not more than 8% – this is generally known to each optimizer. Otherwise (if exceeding the 8% threshold), the site can be perceived as spam resource and in the best case – ignored (often the same – banned). It is also important to remember that the key word – it is a double edged sword. If you decide to untwist the resource by popular request, the success will be very difficult – competition. But if the low-frequency words, no one will come to visit at all. So, before you begin to act – analyze search queries that users do on your chosen destination. You can use special online services as well as software.

5. Content

Now about the content – this is an extremely important factor that dramatically affects the promotion.

Unique content – above all else. But on this subject on our website we have a lot of materials – there are articles about where to get content, and how to bring it, and why it is unique content is the one weapon against which he can not stand no search engine. Here we only note that the stolen content (ie material posted without reference to the source) can lead to a fine from the search engine. To date, the most powerful search engine Google devotes issues unique text content sites are extremely close attention – even created a special filter (Google Duplicate Content Filter) – it was he involved fining sites practicing plagiarism.

Well, systems such as Yahoo! and MSN are not far behind – they, too, have their own gadgets to combat resource stolen content. Therefore, make the content unique and boldly lay it on the indexing bots – and they like it and the people who will eventually visit your site!

6. Links

Hosting, competeLinksnt HTML-code, structure of the site, good keywords and unique content – it’s all very well, but that’s not all. Using these five factors of promotion, you are unlikely to achieve good performance in the search engines, and all because of the absence of external links to your site is just the cornerstone on which rests now the whole search engine optimization. Site without external links – it’s like a Cossack without a horse.

Battle for external links, appear to be a long time to shake the cyber space – so you do it, no doubt, will have to participate (if they really matured as expected decision to promote a site).

What are the basic knowledge you need that to begin to build links ?

  • Firstly, the need to learn to distinguish the wheat from the chaff – incoming links to your site might be different (useful and useless). It all depends, for example, from the Page Rank of the pages that link to you (if it is we are talking about optimizing for Google).
  • Secondly, as a rule, in order to get a more or less good link (inbound links), you have to put in their response ( outbound ) – look for more partners and come into contact with sites that are thematically similar to your resource.

The fact that not every link has a weight for search engine – their algorithm is designed in such a way (and today all search engines) that even a thematic link with the site, which has already gained weight in the eyes of the search engine, bring your resources much more dividends than hundreds of links from various leftist Guestbook, forums or advertisement boards. Therefore, look for related sites and make friends with them!

  • Finally, in the third place. It should be said about the outbound link that leads to your site.

Do not abuse the outgoing link – always check not only the content filling the resource that is referenced, but this option is Page Rank landing page.


The answer – if the site on which the link is in a state of confrontation with the search engines ( for example, engaged in spam and banned ) , then you put yourself under attack and the issuance of your site in the search can be reduced , and this is not good.

Thus, as you can see, the situation is not straightforward. To promote your site, the webmaster had to use multiple methods and act only complex methods. It is an integrated approach to optimizing your site gives the greatest effect. We hope that this article has helped you understand the little that you need to know for further study SEO technologies, which, incidentally, is incredibly much. Topic articles for beginners is not closed – stay tuned!


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