SearchMetrics: Updating the search algorithm Google has affected e-commerce sites

SEO-experts and Webmasters  are still wondering what Internet resources have been affected by the update search algorithm Google last week. According to the data of analytical agency SearchMetrics, basically it affected e-commerce sites.

There is no doubt that the update was indeed produced. This is sure the vast majority of professionals in the industry. Google confirmed the fact observed changes, but marked it as the next stage of the continuous process optimization algorithm. It was noted that these fluctuations are not related to any “Panda” or to “Penguin” .e-commerce websites

Over the past few days, there have been reports that the changes affect the business, e-commerce-sites and relevant resources. At present, the results still vary, which may indicate that Google, perhaps, is testing some innovations, says Barry Schwartz (Barry Schwartz) of the Search Engine Roundtable.

These agencies SearchMetrics showed that mainly affected the update sites e-commerce. For the most part, it is concentrated around misspelled branded keywords. Founder Marcus Tober SearchMetrics (Marcus Tober) wrote about it in the company blog:

“This improvement is mainly focused on e-commerce and keywords with measurable CPC. Most of the affected sites – retailers, shops, etc. But they are not limited to this category of resources. Leading pattern – the loss of a few positions in delivery, which is reflected in the loss of traffic. “he search results has also changed for the right brand names, no typos, such as [NIKE] and others. Marcus said: “It seems likely that Google is trying to clean up the search for brand and also trying to adjust to the issuance of keywords with misspellings. Since the introduction of the update seems unfinished, we Marcus Toberwill continue to monitor this process. “

He added: “Apparently, the brand profitable this improvement, while the positions of other resources have fallen markedly. For example, sites related to the fashion industry. Evidence suggests that Google optimizes branded search. An interesting side effect for misspellings of keywords the search results appear significantly edite

He pointed to a few key words, such as [ADIDAS], [EBBAY], [ZAPOS] and others in which the brand name is not indicated correctly. But td – and adjusted to the “right» SERP.

Marcus Tober also mentioned mobile SERP changes which saw some experts. According to the expert, there is little data on the basis of which we could talk about any new developments in this direction.

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