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  1. 5 Tactics That Haven’t Worked For Digital Marketers Until Now

    24 Nov 2017 ...  

    5 Tactics That Haven't Worked For Digital Marketers Until Now

    In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, new trends quickly overshadow proven methods of connecting and interacting with consumers. Often, users determine these trends — and it's up to digital marketers to keep pace.

    As user preferences continue to evolve, tactics that didn't work in the past might be worth another look. Here are five examples of strategies that are gaining traction among digital marketers and the audiences they seek.

    1. Mobile marketing.

    Industry watchers have whispered about the transition to a wholly mobile marketplace for some time, but it's never come totally to fruition. Through it all, desktop has maintained its status as king of e-commerce. That worldwide reign could be very close to coming to an end.

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  2. How to Lead Website Visitors to Your Best Content

    24 Nov 2017 ...  

    How to Lead Website Visitors to Your Best Content

    Many website owners focus so much on building a backlink strategy, they fail to create an internal-link strategy. Link-building isn’t an either/or proposition. If you're looking to build a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, it’s a "both/and situation."

    Links add quality and value to your website by:

    • Helping visitors navigate beyond the main menus
    • Enabling the sharing of useful, relevant content that’s deeper in your site than top-level navigation
    • Building paths to guide search engine spiders or bots so they find your content more easily.

    And of course all this has SEO implications: The easier you make it for both humans and search engines to find and navigate your site, the better (and faster) it will rank in search results.

    Internal links: Pathways to site content

    Internal links form pathways to content within your own website. Like paths through a forest, they lead site visitors and search engines to a successful destination. Consider site visitors' movements: While we often imagine that these visitors land on sites from the home page, they can actually enter your website from anywhere: the "About" or "Services" page, a blog post or even your contact information via an online directory. 

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  3. Google aims to make apps for Google Assistant more functional and discoverable

    24 Nov 2017 ...  

    It also enables users to start a task on Google Home and complete it on a smartphone.

    Google aims to make apps for Google Assistant more functional and discoverable

    Today Google announced a number of updates and improvements to help make third party apps for Google Assistant more functional and easier for users to discover. It’s also adding new capabilities for developers.

    Developers can now build Assistant apps in Spanish, Portuguese and Indian English. For the UK, Google announced the availability of transactional capabilities (purchases, reservations or appointments). For the app directory, Google is adding new sections (what’s new and what’s trending). And there will now be an autocomplete feature to help suggest apps to users.

    Right now the app directory is relatively hidden and I suspect only a tiny percentage of users know it exists. However, within the directory Google is also creating new subcategories for apps that are more task-specific. The company uses the example of “Order Food” or “View a Menu” in the category “Food & Drink.” There will also be new badges for family friendly apps.

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  4. Google adds new features to its job listings search tool released earlier this year

    24 Nov 2017 ...  

    Salary, location and application details are now included directly in job listing search results.

    Google adds new features to its job listings search tool released earlier this year

    After releasing its job listing search feature in June of this year, Google has updated the function so that new details about open positions will show up in search results.

    According to the announcement on the Google Search Blog, salary information, location settings and application choices can now be added to display directly in search along with the job posting.

    From the blog post:

    Now, based on feedback from job seekers, we’re introducing some new features to help make the process more efficient. Directly in Search, you can access salary information for job postings, improved location settings, job application choices, and in a couple of weeks, the ability to save individual jobs.

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  5. Google News adds new referral URL source that publishers should begin tracking

    24 Nov 2017 ...  

    Google tells publishers to add news.url.google.com to the Google News referral tracking sources.

    Google News adds new referral URL source that publishers should begin tracking

    Google has quietly announced in its Google News forum that they have added a new URL referrer source that news publishers should begin tracking to get a “comprehensive view of traffic from Google News.” In addition to tracking referrals from news.google.com, publishers should also track referrals from news.url.google.com.

    The change seems to be connected to the new RSS feed changes with Google News that we reported recently.

    Google said that referrals from the source “news.google.com” include traffic from native mobile apps, mobile web and RSS feeds set up with the legacy URL pattern. Referrals from the source “news.url.google.com” include traffic from desktop and RSS feeds set up with the new URL pattern.

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  6. Report Probes Social Media’s Threat to Democracy

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    Report Probes Social Media's Threat to Democracy

    Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others may pose a threat to American democracy, suggests a new
    report from The Omidyar Group.

    The report follows recent disclosures about targeted dark post advertising, fake news and other abuses propagated by Russian troll farms during the 2016 presidential election.

    Among the questions the report raises is whether the U.S. government may need to take steps to protect the public from future influence campaigns that could undermine the very foundation of a free society, wrote billionaire eBay founder Pierre Omidyar in a Washington Post op-ed published earlier this week.

    “For all the ways this technology brings us together, the monetization and manipulation of information is swiftly tearing us apart,” he wrote. “From foreign interference in our elections to targeted campaigns designed to confuse and divide on important issues, groups looking for an important way to infiltrate and influence our democracy have found generous hosts in the world of social media.”

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  7. Google Assistant Shines in Pint-Sized Home Mini

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    Google Assistant Shines in Pint-Sized Home Mini

    The first wave of reviews touting Google’s
    Home Mini smart speaker surfaced this week, on the heels of reports that
    the company had to quash a top touch function to prevent the device from accidentally activating and recording conversations without users’ knowledge.

    Google has promised to roll out an update to the device by Oct. 15.

    The hardware glitch didn’t seem to dim the spotlight on the potential
    of the smart speaker, however, which is a
    slimmed-down version of the flagship Google Home product, powered by Google Assistant.

    The small round gizmo comes in chalk, charcoal and coral (Google
    online exclusive). It is only 3.86-inches in diameter and just 1.65 inches
    in height, yet it provides 360-degree sound with a 40mm driver. It
    supports HE-AAC and LC-AAC+ audio formats, and it supports WiFi and
    Bluetooth connectivity. It runs on the Android operating system.

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  8. New Kindle Oasis E-Reader Can Take a Dunking

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    New Kindle Oasis E-Reader Can Take a Dunking

    Amazon on Wednesday pulled the wraps off a new premium e-reader that’s waterproof and has a sharp 300 pixels-per-inch display.

    The Kindle Oasis has a 7-inch Paperwhite display and sports an aluminum back and ergonomic shape that makes it easier to read for prolonged periods. It has a battery life measured in weeks, and it can charge from zero to full power in two hours.

    Audible, Amazon’s audiobooks service, is built into Oasis.

    Its base price is US$250, and it will begin shipping on Oct. 31.

    “Ten years ago, we introduced our first Kindle with the mission of delivering any book ever written in 60 seconds or less,” said Dave Limp, senior vice president for Amazon devices and services.

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  9. The Beginner’s Guide to Launching a Mobile SEO Campaign

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    The Beginner's Guide to Launching a Mobile SEO Campaign

    Mobilegeddon was a game-changer. Google tweaked its algorithm in April 2015 to favor mobile-ready websites in searches performed on mobile devices. A little more than a year later, over half of all worldwide searches happen on mobile devices. It’s a big deal in marketing.

    If your site isn't mobile-friendly, you’re waving goodbye to more than half of your potential. Google wants to help with useful links and tools as well as guides designed specifically for content management systems (CMS). It’s good for you, and it’s good for Google.

    A mobile world.

    It’s hard to remember the world before smartphones. They’ve changed everything. According to Morgan Stanley, 91 percent of Americans keep their phones within reach 24/7.

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  10. Is it Valid to Offer SEO Without Result Estimates?

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    Is it Valid to Offer SEO Without Result Estimates?

    One of the most difficult questions that SEO clients always ask is “How should I expect SEO results?”

    If you have a website, you probably are familiar with spam promises for “achieving the #1 ranking on Google in a month” for whatever keywords from overseas SEO firms. Most of us know that this kind of SEO claim is not ethical. If they are not hoaxes, they can only be achieved with black-hat SEO tactics which are harmful.

    So what about “white hat” SEO?For those unfamiliar, “white-hat” SEO is the SEO approach that drives results by enhancing website quality to deliver a better search experience for users, instead of trying to game the search engines.

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  11. 7 Reasons You Should Stop Managing Your SEO and Hire a Pro

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    7 Reasons You Should Stop Managing Your SEO and Hire a Pro

    Search engine optimization (SEO) has long been an important strategy for business success, and it’s becoming more relevant. More people are ditching desktops and laptops in favor of mobile-only devices, and conversion rates on smartphones are 15 times higher from searches than as a result of social media recommendations. Need more convincing? Take a look at these statistics:

    • 81 percent of B2B buyers start with a web search, and 9 out of 10 B2B buyers say “they’ll find you” when they’re ready to make a purchase.
    • 78 percent of internet users in the U.S. researched products and services online in 2013, with more than 10.3 billion monthly Google searches.

    SEO can bring a lot of value, so whether you should be managing it yourself is worth some thought. Here are seven compelling reasons to hire a pro.

    1. SEO is not easy.

    Read an article about on-page SEO best practices and you might think you have it all figured out. In reality, an effective SEO strategy covers a lot of ground. There are technical considerations specific to your website, content optimization, user experience and effective backlinking. Not to mention optimization for other emerging rank factors such as RankBrain and social. And what about your local SEO efforts? A professional can recommend and execute the best strategies for each.

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  12. Bing launches 2017 Black Friday ads, expands list of delivery services for package-tracking search feature

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    Bing also announced new weather and sports-related search updates and a photo contest.

    Bing launches 2017 Black Friday ads, expands list of delivery services for package-tracking search feature

    To gear up for the holidays, Bing announced today an expanded list of delivery services it supports for package-tracking searches. It’s also bringing back its Black Friday flyer ads.

    Now, in addition to USPS, UPS and Fedex in the US, Bing says it supports several markets outside the US, including myHermes in Great Britain and Purolator in Canada.

    “Simply put your tracking ID in the search box, and Bing will present the latest tracking status right in the search result,” says Bing on its Search Blog.

    The Bing Shopping Black Friday flyer ads for 2017 are now live and feature deals from big box retailers and retail chains.

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  13. SEO in 2018: What’s hot, what’s not?

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    Live Webinar: Thursday, November 30, at 1:00 PM ET (10:00 AM PT)

    SEO in 2018: What’s hot, what’s not?

    Voice search. AMP pages. Gap analysis. Algorithm updates. Local SEO.

    SEO is constantly changing, and what worked well last year may not work at all now. With new technologies and new rules constantly evolving, it’s critical to stay on top of the latest developments. In this webinar, we’ll sit down with two of the industry’s top experts to examine what SEOs need to know about best practices for SEO in 2018.

    Register today for “SEO in 2018: What’s hot, what’s not — a conversation with the experts,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by SMX.


    Eric Enge is President and Founder of Stone Temple Consulting, which was name “Best Large SEO Agency of the Year” at the US Search Awards in 2016. Eric was named “Search Marketer of the Year” by Search Engine Land and “Search Personality of the Year” by the US Search Awards also in 2016. He is co-author of the book “The Art of SEO” and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

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  14. Google Manual Actions: Frequently asked questions and their answers

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    Contributor Kaspar Szymanski addresses some of the most commonly raised questions and issues regarding Google penalties.

    Google Manual Actions: Frequently asked questions and their answers

    For webmasters affected by a manual action, understanding why a particular penalty is applied, what the consequences are and how to adequately address the issue are key to resolving a potentially critical situation.

    When penalties are discussed, some questions seem to come up more often than others. In this Q&A, which is a supplement to The Ultimate Guide to Google Penalties, I’ll include the questions I’ve heard asked most frequently, along with actionable answers.

    Experience shows that manual penalties are infrequently issued, and only for serious offenses. Human errors in the process, while not impossible, are extremely rare. It is reasonable to assume that once a penalty has been triggered, it is not a false positive. As far as Google Webmaster Guidelines go, an actual violation was confirmed.

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  15. FTC Tightens Screws on Social Media Influencers

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    FTC Tightens Screws on Social Media Influencers

    Social media influencer advertising has become a major factor in e-commerce.

    Marketers of both big and small brands long have committed large chunks of their advertising budgets to endorsements by well-known personalities, in an effort to influence consumers to purchase products and services.

    Social media influencer campaigns are based on that tried-and-true formula, but the implication is that the endorsements are voluntary.

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has taken notice of social media influencer programs and has expressed concern over whether endorsements are voluntary or are compensated with money or other valuable incentives.

    Failure to disclose a commercial relationship between the marketer and the influencer constitutes an unfair or deceptive business practice, according to the FTC.

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  16. Apple Releases Retro Version of iTunes

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    Apple has made a retro version of iTunes available, 12.6.3, reviving features removed by the mammoth 12.7 overhaul it released last month. News of the release surfaced Monday
    in a post on Reddit by user vista980622.

    Apple Releases Retro Version of iTunes

    The company was low key about the release, saying in an online post dated Sept. 23 that the retro version was for business partners who needed iTunes to mass deploy apps on iOS devices.

    iTunes 12.7 for macOS and Windows removed the program’s ability to sync apps and ringtones with iOS devices.

    Apple said it would not provide support for the retro version of iTunes.

    Pacifier for Enterprises

    “iTunes is a way that some enterprises distribute their proprietary iOS apps to employees, particularly in areas where there isn’t strong cellular connectivity,” said Ross Rubin, principal analyst at Reticle Research.

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  17. Zuckerberg Pays Virtual Visit to Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    Zuckerberg Pays Virtual Visit to Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday used
    virtual reality tech
    to “teleport” to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico and soon was dubbed a “heartless billionaire” by critics who felt he had exploited the dire situation in the U.S. territory.

    That likely isn’t what Zuckerberg intended when he provided the Facebook Spaces video demonstration, showing how an Oculus Rift VR headset can be used to get a close-up view of some of the devastation Hurricane Maria caused last month.

    The demo shows how Oculus-equipped Facebook Spaces users can tour parts of the island and communicate with one another via their respective avatars.

    Zuckerberg made his virtual visit to Puerto Rico with Rachel
    Franklin, head of the company’s social VR unit. During their demonstration, they highlighted such features as Safety Check, which is intended as a way for Facebook users to alert friends and relatives that they’re safe following a natural disaster or other traumatic event.

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  18. How to Save Your PPC Budget by Using Negative Keywords

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    How to Save Your PPC Budget by Using Negative Keywords

    Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to go negative. (And, no, I’m not referring to this year’s presidential race). I’m talking about negative keywords: those words and phrases that are essential to ensuring your pay-per-click (PPC) ads are displayed to the right audience.

    Going negative: How to eliminate junk PPC queries

    Here’s what I mean: You run a small business selling hand-blown glassware; you’ve just launched a new line of wine glasses. You bid on “glasses” as a search term.

    Your searcher then Googles a keyword phrase that includes “glasses.” Your ad pops up; the searcher clicks on the ad. Great news, right? Think again: If that searcher is looking for the nearest “glasses repair shop,” for eye glasses, not wine glasses, you’ve just paid money for someone to accidentally click on your ad who has no intention of ever being a customer.

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  19. Decoding SEO: Understand What Your Consultant is Telling You

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    Decoding SEO: Understand What Your Consultant is Telling You

    Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the kind of techie, jargon-filled field that can give those outside the industry a feeling of dread. It can sound overwhelming and difficult, and it might be enough to turn you off SEO consulting for good. But it shouldn’t.

    SEO is just what it sounds like — optimizing your website so that a search engine like Google ranks it favorably. In North America, SEO is pretty much synonymous with “SEO for Google.”

    Google it.

    Google is by far the most popular search engine used. It is also notoriously hush-hush about exactly how their SEO strategy works (even if it’s very transparent in other areas). We assume other search engines, including Bing and Yahoo, use very similar SEO strategies as Google.

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  20. No Money, No Problem: 17 Free Ways to Boost Your Website’s SEO

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    No Money, No Problem: 17 Free Ways to Boost Your Website's SEO

    SEO is a popular online marketing strategy, and therefore, competitive, but I’m consistently amazed at how many business owners and marketers opt not to engage in an SEO strategy because of its perceived limitations or drawbacks.

    One of the biggest misperceptions is that SEO is expensive, and it's driven by the fact that some agencies have higher-level packages that cost tens of thousands of dollars per month.

    Yes, SEO can be expensive for hyper-competitive, national-scale businesses, but that doesn’t mean it’s unaffordable for the average business owner.

    In fact, there are dozens of simple strategies you can execute yourself, for free, to better optimize your site for search engines. These are just some of the major ones:

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