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10 fantastic offline marketing strategies

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing strategies are often as important as web search optimization when it comes to getting traffic to your site.  Today I want to share some more practical ideas for promoting your website offline.  True to my word, here are 10 fantastic offline marketing strategies…

1. Give stuff away.

Send a truckload of sandwiches to office staff that work within a target market.  Wrap the sandwiches with a wrapper that advertises your website.  Looking to sell clothes to students?  Send an ice cream van to a local university campus and give out free ice cream at lunchtime.  Brand the cones and the van itself with your website URL.  You get the idea?  Probably best to ask permission first!

2. Rubber-stamp it.

Get a stamper from an office supply firm with your website URL and logo on it.  Stamp all letters and envelopes when you send mail.

3. Give stuff away. Again.

Stand outside a major train station when it’s raining and give out free branded umbrellas.  Visit a beach or park on a hot day and give out branded fans.  Stand outside a supermarket and give away free recycle bags with your company website printed on it.  Think of whom your target market is, what freebies they would benefit from, where you can find them and then go for it!

4. Dull but effective.

Purchase a classified advertisement in your local newspaper.

5. Ssshhhh.

Visit your local library and put a business card or a branded bookmark with your website URL in every book available for loan in a section related to your niche.  This could be a bit dodgy so do it at your own risk!

6. Use your network.

If you have friends who have their own businesses, think about how you can advertise each other’s services.  E.g. if you have a friend who owns a restaurant, offer to advertise the restaurant on your site or brochure if they will print your URL on their till receipts or napkins.

7. For the more energetic.

If you’re a runner or cyclist why not write your URL on the back of your sport’s shirt.  You could go the whole hog and sign yourself up for a marathon?  That’s 26 miles of pain free publicity for you!  The less energetic could consider sponsoring a local sports team’s kit.

8. If you can’t get your hands on a rocket, try a caravan or trailer.

Approach the owner of land next to a major commuter route and try and negotiate permission to place an advert there.

9. Don’t be shy.

If there’s a trade show in town that is related to your niche, stand outside with a sign advertising your URL.  Alternatively stand in an airport arrivals hall with a sign with your business link on it.  Have some cards or flyers available to hand out to any people who ask for further information.

10. Try good old-fashioned bribery.

Send a free, and interesting, gift to a local radio station DJ.  The more original you are, the higher the chance you’ll get a mention on air.

Have you got any great ideas for promoting a website offline?  Please share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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