Most brands upload videos to Facebook bypassing YouTube

Now brands upload more videos directly to Facebook, bypassing YouTube. This is according to market research firm Socialbakers.

The rapid growth of the use of social network Facebook brands to post a video was observed in October. Native  videos on Facebook caught up the YouTube  in the number of messages and surpassed in terms of interaction.

In a short time the number of video messages on Facebook has surpassed that of the YouTube. Marketers now prefer to use video to Facebook, and the trend seems to be gaining momentum.

The Socialbakers analyzed more than 180,000 video-messages on Facebook on 20 thousand of brand’s pages , media companies, celebrities and entertainment companies, and got incredible results.


When  Facebook was ahead of the Youtube in November, the difference was about 5 thousand videos. But in December  brands placed more than 20,000  videos on Facebook, than on YouTube.

A year ago, YouTube was the dominant network in terms of number of videos, exceeding almost twice the amount of video in any other published content network.

However, since May, content marketers are increasingly upload videos directly to Facebook, reaching a 50% increase from May to July. Now we can conclude that marketers have made their choice.

In January 2014, just over half of all Facebook’s videos  involved users in the interaction. In December, the figure was already 80%. Marketers will continue to use the network, which is the most effective for user involvement.

Share of Interactions

For such a network video is now Facebook. And it looks like this for a long time.

Facebook serves, on average, more than one billion video views per day – about one per user.

Currently, the social network has been a shift in the direction of visual content. In just one year the number of video messages per person increased by 75% globally and 94% in the US.
The composition of the news feed has changed. Around the world, the number of videos posted on the pages of users and brands in the newswire increased 3.6 times.

On average, over 50% of the people who use the network in the United States every day, looking at least one video per day.

Most of the features of social networks on the advertising arena depends on the video for your news. That is why the company has introduced autorun video newswire in 2013.

But the startup is not enough for users and brands that want to attract people’s attention. It should be borne in mind that the autorun videos are reproduced without a sound until the user turns it ON.But even video without sound often attract people and lead to success.

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