Meta tags in SEO

Meta tags – are special tags of HTML, designed for that would indicate the subject of a particular web page. Meta tags are not displayed by the browser, and not visible to the user, but their presence in your HTML code is designed to target the search engine, like, tell her – this page about it.

It is well known that the above value of meta tags and search engines have lost, to put it mildly, pay attention to them only indirectly. But despite this – Meta tags are part of the latest version of the html language and a ban on their use imposed no.

Therefore, competent html document must contain competent meta tags.

There is another reason for which it is desirable to use them. Let’s say your document does not contain a tag title. On the search result is, of course, will not affect, but you can get hold of some hemorrhoids and here’s what it will be – the search engine itself assigns the name of your document on the basis of the content of the page’s content.

It is not always beneficial.

Therefore , it is better to give a relevant description of your page in the title tag and the search engine , making sure that this does not contradict the content of the tag , it will put it in the positioning in the search engines – and this is a big plus.Plus, because it is exactly what you had in mind, because the tag does not contain a separate proposal taken out of your content, a meaningful and catchy title.

For other important meta tags (e.g., Meta description and Meta Keywords) the situation is similar way i.e. their use does not hurt.

Meta Keywords – is a tag that contains the keywords from your website. The presence of well-chosen keywords which correspond to the main content of the site, is a one more guarantee that your site will be properly regarded the search bot as the corresponding request.

In summary – meta tags has not been canceled and their use does not hurt and will only add pluses. Use wisely made ​​meta tags shows literacy webmasters ochkom is in his favor.

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