Lightboxes from Google are Available to all AdWords Advertisers

Interactive ads from Google as Lightboxes now available to all advertisers Google AdWords. Scope – all segments of the market, working with video.

Promotional video played on a media player Lightbox, which can be clicked or just hover. In the latter case, the video raskhlopyvaetsya 2 seconds and is shown on top of the search results page.

“Smart raskhlopyvanie” – one of the main differences between this format of interactive advertising.

Google representatives have reported that the results of this test reduced the number of random raskhlopyvany 100%, and the degree of user involvement has increased by 6-8 times.

Thus, brand advertising will be able to see only interested users.

Among other features of this advertising format – pay only for user interaction with the video. The tariff for fixed clicks. Choose your keywords is not necessary.

Note that Google originally created this advertising format to promote the movie, so the test was Vectors brand Sony Pictures Entertainment, advertising the film Annie, which starts at the box office in December 2014.

Details of the requirements for boxes and the order of their placement can be found in the Help Center Google AdWords.

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