Keyword optimization: Are keyword phrases really that important?

Keyword optimization involves specifically creating a page that is focussed on a set of keywords or keyword phrases.  In order to improve search rankings, you have to know how to select appropriate keywords and how to use them for web search optimization.  So YES, YES, YES… keyword phrases really are that important.  Here’s a quick overview of keywords and keywords phrases… if you aren’t familiar with Google SEO then it’s a great place to start!

Google SEO and keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is an extremely important element of your Google SEO strategy. When your potential customers or audience are searching for information on the Internet, they will usually visit a search engines website, like Google, and type a word or phrase that describes what they are looking for.  You probably do it yourself all the time.  If you are looking for information on a major city, such as London for example, you may choose to type “London” into the search bar.  This is your keyword and the search engine will present a list of sites that have used the word “London” throughout their website copy.

Google SEO and keyword phrases

Keyword phrases are an essential part of your Google SEO.  People who use search engines websites on a regular basis have grown to accept the fact that a single keyword will often present very broad results that are time consuming to sort through.  For this reason, they often use a keyword phrase or search term, which is more relevant to the information they are seeking.  If you were looking to book a hotel in London, for example, entering the keyword phrase “hotels in London” will provide you with much more relevant results than the single keyword “London” will.  People who perform effective web search optimization recognize this and ensure that they employ useful keyword phrases as part of their Google SEO strategy.

Choosing keyword phrases for web search optimization

While choosing keyword phrases for web search optimization may not be easy, it is a VERY important element of your SEO activities.  The keywords and phrases you use on your site will determine who visits your site as well as your search ranking.  If you are selling hotel bookings in London, the keyword “London” will potentially bring you a lot of visitors but many of these will not be interested in buying hotel rooms and you will therefore be attracting the wrong type of visitor.  This is not good for your website because it will increase your Google bounce rate, something that many people argue can cause a decrease in your search rankings.

If you use “hotels in London” as your favored keyword phrase you will be able to target the people who may buy from you more effectively.  In addition to this, the word “London” currently produces 421,000,000 search results in Google.  That means that there are over 400 million websites to compete with!  Your chance of performing effective keyword optimization for the word “London” is very, very slim.  However, the keyword phrase “hotels in London” has 14,600,000, a much lower number that will be less competitive and much easy to perform Google SEO on.

Got it?  Good.  Now would be a good time to look at keyword research and how it can improve your web search optimization.

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