Is it Possible to Promote the Site Without Money?

No. One could stop here, but you will probably want to hear arguments:)

What do we need money? Domain I even considered not going to – 3$ it’s not serious.

To start, you need a server. And it is not some kind of shared hosting, but at least VPS. It will cost about 120 $ a year for mediocre vps with 400 MB RAM. If you have the skills to administer, it is possible to save money on web hosting control panel (although many of her and so give free).

If you take a Dedicated Server, you will have to pay 50-100$ just for the installation.

We are known to live in the era of post-modernism, all invented before us. Therefore, we must somehow stand out from the crowd of competitors and most obvious way – to order a unique design.

By experience I would say that less than a hundred, no designer of your ass off the couch will not lift. If you are asked to draw on freelancing for 50$ the design, then either it will be garbage, or you are lucky and you find a young but terribly talented designer who does not know the price of their works (roll up his lip back).

In general, expect about 150$ and above for Diesel. Yet it is necessary to impose. The cost will be less of course. It all depends on the complexity of the layout well, let it be another 80$.

New sites need content. Here young and inexperienced start to beat his chest and convince themselves that will cope with filling and updating the site.

For a while they last, but … Better to hire copywriters who will write every day, and you prefer other things.

It is desirable that there were several. Normal copyright will cost 3$, good – 5$. I can not say you can or can not skimp on content.

Here depends on the project. This usually sites that are filled by the users themselves – attracted the audience and got a small army of copywriters. On the content goes the lion’s share of the budget (this is the reason why all try so hard to save).

Still need links, where do without them :) , they take not so much.

If you need a quick pick a site and then sell it, well, or just important to quickly get loose, I recommend taking the reference in Sape. Sense from them is less than that of “eternal”, but you can take a number and money should be much less.

If we calculate the budget for the year, then maybe more will come, but since the money is spent gradually, not immediately, then it’s not so much an effort to afford it.

Suppose that the “eternal” link on the average costs 3$, and it turns out that 100 links will take 300$. In TextLinkBrolers, you can put that money into the account, buy a lot more links and the budget is not enough for one month.

The more money – the better. If properly spend, then they come back with interest. But up entirely without budget – is unrealistic.

There are of course exceptions, the sites have become popular with lightning speed, but they will soon require significant investment.

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