Influence of outbound links to sites positions

Links to your life or what other sites, called Outbound links. About them we will talk in this article. Moreover – incidentally give advice about how to properly put links that would not ring out in the ban of search engines.

The first thing to dispel a common myth regarding the outgoing links, for many novice optimizers, having heard about the fact that going from their links may lead to negative consequences, striving to avoid reference to the good sites that have, at least, wrong.

Often, you can hear about the statement of this nature – “Outbound links to other resources – is not good.” The reasons for this statement, it appears that as many as three:

#1 – Referring to someone, I create needlessly leak Google PageRank (PR – the algorithm by which Google determines the link popularity of the resource);
#2 – Referring to someone, I weakens the position of the site in search results for keywords;
#3 – Referring to someone, I lose visitors of my site since They go to these links to other resources.

As an alternative to combat these plagues, offers tips that are designed to protect the webmaster, for example – are as follows:

  • Use JavaScript when creating blocks outgoing links (the search engines do not work with JavaScript, and can not see what is in it);
  • Use the ” nofollow “(according to the tag can be closed by indexing any particular links);
  • Use the “noindex” (using this meta tag you can prevent the indexing of the entire page);
  • To make the file robots.txt , so that it was to indicate that it is closed from indexing those pages that contain outbound links.
  • Accord links this kind, what would they look like plain text – that you will avoid the outflow of visitors to other resources.

Here, in principle, the whole “science” of the outgoing links.

Now, let’s see – it is terrible features as it paint?

If you read the rules for webmasters from Google, and they are available for public viewing at the following address , you would never say anything about the leak about the weakening of the PR and the issuance of a site on search queries for the use of outbound links (pay attention to the wording! ).

But the rules of Google – it is a very serious document. Let us turn to the facts of the issue before us.

So. It turns out that Google (as well as all other search engines) is completely loyal to the sites that link to them thematically similar resources. Saying “loyal” – to say nothing! Google loves when the site has good outbound links!

If your site refers to a reputable website that Google is seen as a resource, trustworthy, you can be sure that any problems you will not have – no leakage PR, nor with the issuance of the search query.

But all the fuss with the hazard site outbound links, is solely for the reason that there is such a thing as Black SEO . Black seo technology (if to explain on fingers) are based on abuse of linking, as well as on the use of high density of keywords on the page. In order not to go deep into the jungle of the SEO, we will send you to other reference materials  – they discussed in detail the technology of black SEOs and, in particular, those aspects that relate to the abuse of reference for the rapid promotion of the resource.

Here we note only that one of the methods practiced black SEOs called Doorway . Doorway, in one of its manifestations, can be represented as a so-called Link farm, which is nothing more than a page is filled with an excessive number of outbound links.

From the above it can be concluded that the outbound links from your site to be perceived perfectly normal search engine, but under one condition – if not overly much, as it is practiced dorveyschikov.

How many links should be, what would your site and not come under the identifier “doorway”?

Again – look at the Google Help Center. It clearly states: “Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number (fewer than 100)” (Do not place on one page too many (more than 100) of links).

It turns out that the number of links more than 100, may be regarded as spam. You see, the matter is clarified, and everything falls into place, ie, Try not to overdo it and everything will be in-date information!

You shout – so perhaps I will put as many links, why is it necessary ?! But here the situation is somewhat trickier – after you get comfortable with Web design and realize that using your site, you can earn not so modest money, the first thing that will entice you, will be the sale of advertising space on your website! To do this, not so much – more and less popular website (say with PR = 3) and the working account at one of the exchanges of links (or several accounts). After that, start all famous song – and not think I will place 5 and 20 links from the page or maybe just 50? Well, etc.

So remember that when such a thirst for profit, you can really get in the ban to google. Do not forget to tip – links to pages on the left are sites that have nothing to do with your project, should be as small as possible. The optimal number – 5 references. Placing of links to similar resources on the subject – a noble cause, and everything you need.

Your website – it is first and foremost information, and only then begin sales and offers.

Oh, and one more thing.

Link exchanges – a new phenomenon (at least most of them started after 2005). The fact that they give the opportunity to earn so many webmasters – a real fact. But now you can often hear that the search engines are about to start to tighten the screws, ie try to stop such a widespread method of promotion of sites by putting paid links through exchanges. Keep an eye on the latest developments seo! :-)

Finally we touch on another aspect – placing outbound links to sites that have managed to earn a bad reputation.

Avoid refer to these resources – even if Banned sites are similar to the search topic.

Before you put a link, check – a Page Rank of these resources? If PR is 0, it is better to refrain from posting links.

What’s the problem? – You ask.

And the problem is that the network is not so little resources that were blacklisted because of Google’s promotion of illegal means – referring to these sites, you can lose all the stock of Page Rank, which is available at your disposal, which is equivalent to spent in the empty time. Do not forget to be careful – it can not hurt!

Now, a small output.

Outbound links, there’s nothing else, as the driving force of network activity – you link, the link is put on you and so everyone is happy. Visitor glad I found requires resources – Are you happy to have received the visitor. Outbound links to put not only possible, but necessary – just do it we must wisely. Do this so that the search engine did not consider that you are trying to influence illegal methods on the accuracy of its issuance. That, indeed, is all.

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