How to promote the industry sites

Promotion of industry sites has its own specifics. Some methods are better for some sites (e.g., catalogs, websites and bulletin boards), and other ones – worse (for example, promotion of social networks).

One of the main difficulties in promoting of industry sites is the problem to get natural and free links.

Content of industry sites is interesting just to a narrow circle of specialists or small audience of potential customers, vendors and partners.

So, there is a problem of industrial sites to get free and natural links. No one will put links to these sites (although it depends on the subject – e.g. if a man like a chainsaw or a drill he could write about this in his blog) deep down.

Directories and bulletin boards

In the field of industry sites catalogs and bulletin boards give a pretty good effect (as, for example, in medicine and construction).

Of course industrial sites won’t get “top” but the effect is worth it. Even if manually go through at least several tens of thematic catalogs and boards and add your site or ad with a link to it.

It’s not difficult to find industry directories and bulletin boards just – type in a search engine queries as:[wpsm_list type=”bullet”]

  • Directory of industry sites
  • Industry bulletin boards


Many successful industrial resources are often found among external links that link to directories and boards and in considerable quantity.

Catalogues Price Lists

Adding information about the prices of your products in specialized price-lists catalogs is an additional method to attract visitors.

You can find price lists catalogs in Google following such queries:

[wpsm_list type=”bullet”]

  • Price-lists catalog
  • Add the price


Links to partner sites

In the industrial category, as in any other, it is developed partnership with other companies – suppliers, contractors, etc. Many people have websites. And many sites have pages of partners with which the given enterprise cooperates.

Agree, the user will have more credibility and respect to the company whose website lists dozens of partners than the one in which they are not listed or just a few.

Exhibition sites

Many companies participate in trade shows. There are exhibition sites. So why not to ask for a link to your site?

In response to your site you can place material on your company’s participation in the exhibition and put a link to the website. Plus there is a great opportunity to write a great review of the exhibition with photographs of the event, employees, and your products.

Promotion with press releases

In addition, it gives also an occasion to write press releases and published it in the catalog of press releases. You can always find new directories in search engines following such queries:[wpsm_list type=”bullet”]

  • Directory of press releases
  • Add a press release


Promotion with press releases for your industrial theme fits very well because there is a lot of information for their writing – participation in exhibitions, the launch of a new production, new products, etc.

Unique texts give a much greater effect

Unique text industry siteVery often in the industrial category there are sites whose contents are non-unique. These resources copy product photos and text descriptions with characteristics of manufacturers’ sites. As a result, there is a peculiar situation – there are a few tens or hundreds of sites with similar content copied from a resource.

So, how search engines could rank these sites, because they look the same? Higher will be the position of a commercial site where images and texts will be unique.

Make unique images

If you trade manufactured goods, then surely you have an access to them and the opportunity to photograph. Replace copied images with your own – it will give an additional effect. Plus you can apply on your photos a small watermark with the address of your site. Unique photos may be in SERP that will increase the number of targeted visitors to your site.

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