How to Make Your Videos Rank Better on YouTube

All the factors can be divided into two main parts:

  • internal factors – content
  • external factors.

Just like in SEO, where there are a number of internal (optimization), and external (promotion) factors.

Internal factors – content

Look at each point in detail:

1. Name.

It’s very important to prescribe the correct title of the video. If you have a video on a particular topic you can insert in Title desired keywords.

This factor is one of the key, as well as for search engine promotion. After all, YouTube is a video search engine, and this project is Google. So when you add a new video it’s necessary to optimize Title or name correctly, that it will contain required or desired keywords and will be readable for users.

2. Description

Write a description for each uploaded video and use it for optimized text desired keywords. Description can be used with large enough text (200-400 characters). YouTube notes: the text in the description, as well as a keyword in it.

3. Tags

Tag is like tag keywords for website optimization. In tags we specify main keywords associated with the video. YouTube allows for tags, and they are desirable to be prescribed that improve the overall optimization of the video.

4. Transcription

YouTube has a function to make video transcription, and if you look, as the robot does, it’s not readable and not qualitative. And what is important is that YouTube uses keywords from transaction to rank. And for those who cant wait – read details here

5. Channel authority

The authority of the channel has the same value when ranking videos. The more authoritative channel the better for you.

What are the “symptoms” of the authority:

  • age of channel
  • quality of video
  • video popularity

If the channel is loaded really useful, high-quality video that can help YouTube users, then it increases channel authority, you can control channel authority by yourself, making the action that increase this.

6. Quality

This factor is somewhat related to the previous one – channel authority. YouTube takes into account quality of the video and give more priority to video in HD format. If you make a quality video that is interesting to users and helps to meet the user’s request it will be ranked better.

External YouTube ranking factors

And now look at each factor in detail:

1. Views / Attention

The more videos are viewed, the more signal it gives YouTube, it should rank higher in the search.

But the length of video also has a value. That is, if the video is 3 minutes and 10 seconds of viewing, then it indicates that the video is not interesting and has no benefits.

2. Incoming links

Link to the page hosting the video is very important, at least, seen and verified that this factor has not a little effect on ranking videos on YouTube. Basically these are natural links that users put from their websites or blogs on the video page. With the help of links YouTube pays attention to channel, as well as to individual videos.

If the video is really good, people will be put on natural links from blogs. But it can be helped and it spread information about your video on social networks, or just put links from your sites.

3. Social distribution

YouTube pays attention to promotion videos on social networks. The more social signals the video has, the better Google and YouTube it allows for. Therefore it is important to distribute video via social networks.

4. Video on other websites

YouTube has a function to add video to your blog or website, and also it can prohibit others to ad it to their sites. It is advisable not to prohibit, as if your video is really interesting and has some benefits, it will always be those who will put it on their sites, which YouTube takes into account for ranking. The more sites added the video, the better it is.

5. Comments / Video Responses

Comments will also be taken into account when ranking videos. If you have a specific theme and haven’t comments or just a few it’s not terrible, but if there are many of them, it affects only the favor of video promotion.

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YouTube (Google) very simply defines spamny comment or natural. So it wouldn’t recommend to make comments to the video. Alternatively, you can ask your friends and acquaintances.

If the video is great by itself, or vice versa, the controversial, people will comment on it and express their views on your video.

Video Responses (comments)

There is also the opportunity to leave a video response to your video. This is very rare, as it’s not always quick and easy to do. But YouTube gives such attention and affect ranking.

Alternatively, you can ask colleagues or friends to answer the video on your video. It really helps in ranking.

6. Likes/Bookmarks

Likes have a good influence on ranking, mostly positive. The more positive Likes to your video, the more weight is transferred. You can also click the video and did not like, which happens quite often. Negative Likes are also counted, but not as much as positive. If you have a lot of negative Likes it means that it is necessary to remake the video, or it doesn’t interesting.


Bookmark this when, for example, you added the video to your bookmarks and it appeared in your channel on Youtube. Bookmarks as Likes are recorded and affect rankings. The number of tabs will be, as in most cases depend on the useful and interesting video you have.

Conclusion: There are many YouTube videos ranking factors, in this post are identified 12 key, 6 of them are associated with the internal and 6 external ones. If you want to get the most efficiency of your video, you need to consider what can be optimized and – then in most cases it will turn out.

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