How to create effective landing pages

Landing page – it’s a page that is created on a website specifically for people who come to this site for the first time. There are essential elements of successful landing pages.

Getting on the homepage random visitors can’t always understand – what is the aim of such a site. So many webmasters create a special page where simple and accessible language explains offered opportunities and project’s mission.


Before landing page construction you need to decide what the purpose of the page is. Phone calls, an application via email (these two goals can be used simultaneously), download documents, applying for free advice, newsletter subscription and so on. It helps landing to develop the structure, text make users act. That is, all the basic elements. That’s why you should start with the goal to implement exactly what you want.

AIDA Model

Landing pages should be based on the AIDA model in the most simple and safe situation. It means that the page is divided into four components:

  • Attention;
  • Interest;
  • Desire;
  • Action;

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In most cases users’ attention is involved by a title, visual design, as well as images that may be within the first window that is available to the user. If these items are not interested to visitor, it means that he won’t read the next page. The interest usually causes the first paragraph. Then you need to awaken user’s desire describing the benefits of your product and why he should act.

In addition, you should always remember that many people don’t read texts on the Internet and run through from the beginning to the end. It’s important users can skim the page

Remove all the distractions

Landing page has a specific goal. And its structure should lead to this goal. Smoothly, vertically. It is important there were no obstacles on this way – nothing that could distract from that goal. For example, links in a text, many similar proposals.

The success of landing pages is that they stimulate visitors to the action and not that allow them to choose from a variety of options. We must remember this when designing your landing page. Some marketers believe site menu interfere with the success of landing pages.

Call to action

Call to action reflects the purpose of a site. But it’s not enough to a button for making a call. Yes, it will attract attention but you can do better if you try to enhance the appeal.

Request form

This step is extremely important, as all the efforts you done earlier will be useless if the order form is uncomfortable. The main rule is that the form should be as simple as possible and contain minimum required fields. Any extra field leads to a decrease in conversion. This is the foundation.

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