How to choose the right font for your site?

When making your site, you must give due consideration to the choice of font or fonts. Most people visit the web resources to get information through reading, so you need to make the process as comfortable as possible.

What are the nuances of using fonts? It is believed that the use of a variety of different fonts on one site could shoot down, confuse the reader, and if you use only one of them, the site may seem boring and bland.

The optimal solution to use two main fonts is  when you make a site. One use for the header, and the other – for the main text. Thus, the user will be easy to distinguish the headers from the text when viewing, and the site look more complete.

For the title, for example, you can use the font Verdana, and for the main textArial, or other options. However, keep in mind that not necessarily a font that you have installed on your computer correctly displayed on the user’s computer. If the same font is not installed in the reader, it does display any alternative to your font or default.

Widespread considered the following fonts: Times New Roman, Georgia, Verdana, Arial Black, Courier, Trebuchet MS, Comic Sans or Impact.

You also have the opportunity to put in place the fonts display text that is preferred. For example, you can specify not only «Verdana», but also a number of other «Verdana, Georgia, Times New Roman, serif». Now, does the first attempt to use the font Verdana, if it is not installed on the user’s computer, the next will be Georgia, followed by Times New Roman, then the font that the system itself marked by default.

Thus, knowing these few nuances, you can issue the site to your taste and to prevent possible misunderstandings when it is displayed on the users’ computers.

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