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How to avoid Google Adsense Account from getting disabled & keep on running for years

Google Adsense Account

Are you worried about your Google Adsense account – How to keep your google account running always and avoid your adsense getting disabled : Following tips can help you:

1. Focus on your content of webpage

Always focus on your content of webpage, i mean to say that your content should be unique in the niche and should not copied or inspired from an other website or blog. Google guys are smart enough to catch your copied content and can lead to disbaling your adsense account.

2. Read the policies of Google

Read the policies of Google about the adsense, Google is very strict about it Adsense policies, you should take care of each and every policy seriously as Google keeps on reviewing the adsense users websites on regular basis and can disable an account if found the breach of any of Google Adsense Policy.

3. Don’t click on your own website ads

One of the most important caution is not to click on your own website ads. Yes this point should be noted and taken care at the most that you should never click on  the adsesnse served ads on your own website in any case. This is considered as invalid clicks by Google and can lead to disabling your Adsense account.

4. Never put Adsense ads on blank pages

Although  it is mentioned clearly in the Google Adsense Policy , Still I am writing it again because this is also one of the main precaution that Never put Adsense ads on blank pages of your websites or on those webpages which have very less content or only images. You should also avoid putting google ads on Registeration pages, Login Pages, Contact us pages etc. which are not mainly concerned with the content of your site. This is also reviewed by Google regularly.

5. Do not fill all the webpage with Ads

Do not fill all the webpage with Ads and ads only. I mean to say that you should have lesser number of ads than your content. There should not be more that 3 Ad units and 3 Link units of adsens on a single page in any case.

6. Place of As slots

Ad slots should be placed in such a way that one can clearly distinguish between Ads and the content of your webpage. these should not be fitted inside the content in such a way so that it may lead to accidental clicks by users.

7. Keep an eye on the traffic

Keep an eye on the traffic on your website/blog, how many hits are coming and from which source. I am mentioning this here because some times a bot or other mischievious sourced and lead a heavy traffic on yout site and can generate clicks and clicks of a huge quantity, these can be cosidered as invalid clicks and lead to disbaling the adsense account.

So consider above points and keep always in mind the Adsense polcies and hope for the best to keep your adsense account always running….!!

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