How to attract an audience to your website

The interview, as the format of publication on the website can be a very powerful tool that will attract more audience to your website. But for this idea to work, you must understand the basic principles of this tool. But let’s digress from the technical side of the issue and consider the more important psychological and organizational issues.

With whom to interview?

Ideally, a person invited for an interview to be very famous in the same area as the theme of your website because a simple rule interview states that middle manager or anyone not interested. More real interesting interview subject or project managers of famous specialists.

If you have a friend of one of the leaders, it is not difficult to get up to the CEO or the Project Manager, but if you do not have to accept these people, then you need to start with a clean slate. For example, begin to build a connection with ordinary employees, and gradually get to the top, although this path is very long, or send an inquiry PR-manager of the company, to immediately go to senior management. And here a matter of chance – luck or no luck, it all depends on you and your talent to convince people.

What should be the interview – the general or thematic?

The choice between the two types of interview is entirely dependent on the focus of your site, for example, if you have a portal designed for a female audience, the love story is interviruemogo the subject and work to attract users.

Therefore, depending on the subject matter of your site, for an interview on a common theme should be approached with caution, as these interviews tend to uniformity. And get to the template questions and answers, natural backlinks is almost impossible. Therefore, the total interview is necessary to come up with some kind of zest.

Choosing a non-thematic interview for your site, try for a long time even ridden? Topic to reveal a new way, with an unknown hand, for many it will be very difficult to do.

If your web design is a highly specialized thematic focus, the “first love story” is just out of place, and your target audience is not just interesting to read about it. In this case, definitely choose a thematic interview, based on the latest news and developments in your subject.

This interview will be interesting to the visitors that they are some of the questions they hear the answers from a specialist in this field. The difficulty is that you have to be yourself in the subject and a pre-prepared for the interview, otherwise you the questions themselves pound to a standstill.

There are several major problems with which the interviews can “choke”:

  1. The topic of discussion may be relevant for a short time. So you need to quickly find the person and agree with him about the interview, prepare for it, conduct interviews, and quickly prepare the text to be placed on the site. Just because your work is not a long-playing theme.
  2. You need to understand well enough in the subject. This does not mean that your knowledge must be at the level of the interlocutor, but nevertheless, you should be on the topic enough to understand the main points of the interview topics. We can say with certainty that 20% of knowledge theme will bring you 80% of positive results, but the more you know, the more is to talk with your companion.
  3. Choose a topic for an interview and get on it the most updated information, if the interlocutor has competitors, it will learn the same methods of competition in a particular field. What do you bring this? The first – the numerous starting points to interview is not deadlocked. Second – you do not ask silly questions. Third – knowing the weaknesses of the interlocutor place compared to the competition, you will provoke him to such responses, which will be of interest to your visitors.

A preliminary compilation of questions and interviews

Choosing a topic for discussion, to highlight some controversial issues, but the challenge is to not hear again for a long time “to lick” answers, and it is desirable to develop a theme in a new way, uncharted your competitors and hope that the unique experience of the interlocutor will open a new perspective on event.

A well-prepared interview will yield positive results if you pre-all questions reconcile with someone, but here it is necessary to anticipate pitfalls, since in the course of an interview with an unusual companion will begin to answer the question in general terms. And here need your agility “soobrazhalki” that in a few seconds to understand what went wrong – or you incorrectly formulated question, a question the other party is not very pleasant.

The main problem in this situation may be a leading question that simply can spoil everything. Therefore, conducting an interview with a personal meeting, follow demeanor interlocutor, leading a conversation on Skype, watch for changes in tone of voice of the interlocutor, well, when personal correspondence – it will be like roulette, guess – well, do not guess – poorly. The best option for you to use as much as possible delicacy.

Processing an interview material

No matter what you have interviewed – at a personal meeting on Skype or correspondence by mail, after you talk to the hand will have plenty of material and information to be processed correctly. Publish on its website all of the material, while in the raw form, is simply stupid. How to handle the resulting material can devote an entire article, so we restrict the general recommendations.

In your task is to prepare not just text, an interesting target audience, but make it so that the visitor was able to even a cursory viewing understand the meaning of what has been said. So you need to remove from the text of all the unimportant and misleading away from the topic questions and answers.

If you can combine them into one, or better to leave a response, Bole rich and up – If the interviewee during the interview spoke on the same subject in different ways, then compare his answers. The main task of the processing of the material highlight the most important, catchy, interesting facts, which do not have to be rewritten, and leave everything in the original form. It does not make a text interview posted on the website some pause – the conversation should flow smoothly, without hesitation.

As for the editing and re-writing the answers, here your interviruemye sides can be taken in different ways. First of all, treating the text, please send its approval to interview the other party. Of course, everything can turn around so that as long as your partner will approve the answers, the theme on which the interview was conducted just becomes irrelevant. Therefore, communicate as much as possible with the person, and the more you work with it as part of the interview, the more you will realize that it is necessary to edit in his answers, and it is better to leave it as it is.


We have not once talked about what a title – it is fifty percent of the success of your article. The title should be attractive and intriguing, that is, it should interest the target audience to pay attention to the interview. The general principle of an attractive title – it’s brevity. For example, “Interview with the General Director of JSC “Modern Technologies” Alex Johnson” just as they bored of your visitors.

Among the many recipes are basically two:

  1. Use the title the most interesting monent of response throughout the interview (a lot of material, so that there is highlight).
  2. Just work synopsis. For example, “Alex Johnson – how we have earned our first million.” That is, the title should be intriguing, encouraging action. In this example, to the action to read the article.

Working for the future

The need for a common idea in an interview even on abstract topics mentioned above for a reason. The fact is that, talking with the person you are installing contact with him, hence there is a certain level of openness on the part of the interlocutor. Talking about anything or totally mundane topics, will tire of your interlocutor so that it just does not agree to re-interview.

At the same time, if you yourself seem interesting conversationalist, knowledgeable about the topic, interviruemomu may like to continue to carry on with your argument and discussion on this or that issue.

Interview – this is journalism, and journalism – is the talent to do from the resulting material, relevant and catchy topic. And do not be like the “yellow press” and savor some intimate details of the interlocutor. In the future, people just do not want to talk to you.

When the entire plan built properly interview, agreed with the interlocutor and the results he likes, you can refer to it again, and to bring him as an expert on a particular issue – and this is important, and your visitors will be interested. Just pay attention to the comments of visitors after the publication of the interview – it’s not only bring you on new topics, but will also provide an opportunity to analyze how the subject was interesting to your target audience.

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