Headlines in SEO

The correct spelling of titles and their positioning on the page – another trick that deserves the full attention of the webmaster. Let’s talk about how to write them correctly.  Firstly, the header should be short and simple.

Three words – perfect. Should not be abused in the text incomprehensible words that can cause another associative array of the visitor of your site.

We go further – often, people do not read the word letter by letter, and sees it as a single character. This is due to its frequent coined by since Eyes accustomed to the order of the letters, and not building a chain that folds into the floor. Therefore, compound words, which are not obscheupotreblyaemymi and are therefore not perceived as described above, it is better not to use. Of course, much depends on the site’s content, and it may be that you need to use it “difficult” word – everything is in your hands, but ignore the simple words are not worth it!

The second point, which affects the ratio of visitors to your title – is its end, or vice versa, incompleteness. Man curious and manipulate the quality is very useful! Unfinished headline inflames the imagination and creates the urge to click on the link that would look, what is there all the same speech?

For example, incomplete headlines are full of all kinds of news feeds, and some firms have even kept a staff of people whose work is unfinished inventing headlines which will encourage a clique. Therefore, armed and that means luring!

And one more thing – there are such things as punctuation.

Having a properly spaced points in your titles – an important part of their appeal. It should not be confused by the fact that the point at the end of the title, is a violation of Russian grammar. Violate this rule and get a stable, static and soothing their completeness fact which is presented in the form of a header. It is a good tool to stimulate clicks.

In contrast, the dot in the finished headers – harmful matter, and they better not indulge because it will create the impression of uncertainty and hash.

Be careful when using a dash and colon – the punctuation require the visitor enable associative thinking, which can be useful, and maybe vice versa – bring it out of balance, which is not good.

For example, if your article is about the use of drugs, the title, the type of “drug – useful!” It would be seen by different people in different ways, but the use of the article, title to such phrases as “the benefits of the drug” to be more advantageous for the reason that this phrase motivates learn this fact in more detail – get the click.

Title – this is an indication of the object of the search and specify if it will be understood not as an object that no one will come.

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