What is Google’s Pagerank and Why Should You Care?

Google’s PageRank should not be confused with page rank… but what exactly is it?

Google’s PageRank is an algorithm (a set of specific rules) that is used to denote how important a website page is. Note that we said website page, not website. The algorithm was named after Larry Page, who developed the rules with Stanford University colleague Sergey Brin. The system was developed in response to a long-standing issue that search engines faced. Historically they had ranked a site according to key word density. However, many web developers abused this and simply loaded a web page with lots of keywords for web search optimization at the detriment of the customer/user experience. Google started to become more concerned with backlinks.

Google’s PageRank: What Does it Measure?

Google’s Pagerank is largely concerned with backlinks, or incoming links, and it operates on the simple idea that the more links that a page has, the better it must be. However, it doesn’t stop there. It also looks at the site from which the links came and how many incoming links that site has. If that site also has a lot of incoming links then that too must be a good site and the link it gave is worth more. Confused? Let’s look at an example.

Site A has 300 incoming links and places a link on its site, to site B.

Site B has only one link, which it received from site A.

Site B gives one link to site C, which also has no other links.

In terms of Google’s PageRank, Site A will have the highest page rank because it has a large number of backlinks. Site B will be placed second because although it only has one incoming link, that link is from a site that has a lot of backlinks. Site C would be last, it has only one link from a site that also only has one link.

How Do I Find out What My Pagerank Is?

There are plenty of online sites that will help you to find what your Pagerank is. Simply input your website address into the search bar. We often use http://www.whatsmypr.net/.

Each page on your site will have a different Google PageRank because people link to pages, not sites, but generally it is advisable to use the PageRank on your homepage as the benchmark unless you have purposely directed people to other parts of your site.

What Does the Google PageRank Number Mean?

Google PageRank is a number from 0 to 10, 0 being the lowest. New and young sites will always have a PageRank of 0 as it takes quite a while to build up the PageRank rating. You should ultimately aim for a PageRank of 5 or 6 when devising your web search optimization strategy.

Should You Care About Google’s PageRank?

This one is hugely debated. In reality, you shouldn’t be too concerned with your own PageRank in the short term. You should, however, be concerned with Google’s PageRank for other people’s site. When you are setting your web search optimization strategy you need to find websites that have a high PR on which to generate backlinks. Why? Because the higher their PR the more value that link will have for your own PageRank. Simple!

We’ve found some of these sites for you and will share details over the forthcoming weeks.

Given the content of our site it will come as no surprise to you that we’re always on the lookout for incoming links as part of our own web search optimization. If you like our content please do consider linking to it from your own site, or use the bar below to share our content on your social networking sites. Thanks.

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