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Google tests ‘notable moments’ carousel in knowledge graph cards


Check out this new feature Google is testing in the knowledge cards. It looks like a timeline of notable events.

Google tests 'notable moments' carousel in knowledge graph cards

Google is testing a new feature for some of its knowledge graph cards. The feature shows a section for “notable moments” in a carousel format in the knowledge card.

Sergey Alakov shared a screen shot of it on Twitter:

Google tests 'notable moments' carousel in knowledge graph cards

The “notable moments” shows webpages that have timeline-based information about the individual. So in this example, b Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, shows an imdb.com card for the year he was born and a site named “thefamouspeople” for the year after he was born. It continues to scroll with more timeline-based information.

I have been unable to replicate this, but the concept of this carousel looks interesting and useful to me.

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