Google confirmed detailed post coming about new Mobile-first Index

Google has confirmed that they will be publishing a detailed post about the new Mobile-first indexing changes in due course.

Google confirmed detailed post coming about new Mobile-first Index

Google recently announced the intention to move to a Mobile-first index, which we covered in detail here, including answering some of the many questions that have since been asked.

Unfortunatly, many webmasters are still confused by the changes asking questions that at the present time cannot be answered, such as whether page content visibility will be scored differently for page items such as accordians or other hidden content. In this case, Google’s Gary Illyes confirmed that there was still much to be worked out.

While Gary Illyes and other Googler’s have since responded to some of the questions, one Twitter user wanted to know if Google will be publishing more official guidance on the issue.

Unfortunatley, it may be some time before the full extent of the changes become apparent, but Gary Illyes has previously indicate that, at least at launch, they are looking for a “neutral” change for the Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs. In otherwords, they don’t want it to have much of an impact on rankings.

Google has already said their blog post that only small-scale experiments are taking place, which will increase in scope over the coming months. It will only go fully live once they are confident of a great user experience.

We wrote a detailed post about the upcoming change, at least what we know of it, here. It is worth reading if you wish to know more.

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