One Incredibly Easy Way to Get Backlinks Free (Thousands of Them!)

Get backlinks free with this easy method that few people take advantage of.

If you have looked around our site, the one thing that you will know is that backlinks are important in determining both your Google Pagerank and your website ranking.  They are not just slightly important, they are VERY important.

So far we have covered many different methods to get backlinks:

Today we are going to present a new one; get backlinks free with your own WordPress theme.

Get Backlinks Free: WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are free to download and thousands of WordPress users set up new sites each day.  If you are able to incorporate your URL into one (or more) of these WordPress themes then you can get back links for free by your URL placed in the footer for every single new site that is generated using your theme.  Not bad huh?

Now, if you’re not technical and don’t have the first idea about how to design a WordPress theme, worry not.  There are several options available.

#1 – Pay for someone to design a theme on your behalf.

There are a large number of freelancer sites available where you can advertise for someone to design a WordPress theme on your behalf.  Make sure that you are very clear in your requirements up front and never pay for the theme until you are 100% certain that it is fully working and meets your requirements.

# 2 – Sponsor an existing theme.

There are a number of websites available that offer designers an opportunity to advertise their work and look for sponsors for their themes.  The idea is that you pay a sponsorship fee, usually somewhere between $30 and $100, and your URL is incorporated into the theme’s footer.  This means that every single page on a site that uses your theme acts as a backlink to your website.

Some websites that currently advertise themes that are available for sponsorship include:


Hints and Tips to Get Backlinks Free Using WordPress Themes:

  • Start by looking at the most popular themes.  What do they all have in common?  Make sure that your theme incorporates these elements.
  • The footer should be encrypted.  This means that anyone who downloads the theme cannot edit the footer information without damaging the theme.  If the footer is encrypted this will mean that the user cannot remove your URL.
  • Ensure that the theme is widget ready.  Include monetization widgets such as Adsense.
  • Sponsor a theme that is related to your own niche or site.  You are ideally looking for backlinks that come from sites that are relevant to your own site.  The best way to achieve this is to create or sponsor a heavily targeted theme.
  • Many sites offer three links for sponsorship on their site.  Check in advance who the other sponsors may be and look for designers that will only allow reputable sites to sponsor their themes; the last thing you want is your site to appear alongside something you do not want to be associated with.

A Note of Caution: Our opinion

While this offers a fantastic method of generating literally thousands of backlinks there are one or two things you should be aware of before you rush out and do it.  One of the biggest concerns that we would have with this method is the fact that you are buying backlinks, something that Google frowns upon.

Another area for concern could be the fact that the links generated for your site will be varied, from different sites in different niches and this may make your site look spammy.  One way of avoiding this would be to sponsor a theme that is inextricably related to your niche, that way all the links generated will be relevant.

Nevertheless, it clearly has worked for some bloggers.  Here are some stories of success using this method:

  •  Has posted screenshots of the links generated from wordpress themes he has sponsored.  He generated thousands of links.

At the end of the day you should do what’s right for your own site.  Good luck.

Have you any experience of sponsoring themes?  Did it work for you?  We would love to hear your opinions on what you think of this as a method to get backlinks free.

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