Facebook began to assess the relevance of advertising

Facebook announced the launch of Relevance Score (RS) for advertisements. Innovation designed to improve the quality of advertising on the basis of the company’s social platform.

Like Google, Facebook is based on the rate and relevance to determine which ads to be shown to a specific user.

New indicator – an assessment of compliance of the advertisement target audience. According to the company, the introduction of RS is beneficial for both users and advertisers. Better advertising will be more interesting to the audience, is more effective in terms of marketing and, ultimately, bring more revenue Facebook.

Relevance Score will be calculated on the basis of positive and negative feedback that ad will receive from the target audience. The more positive interactions it receives, the higher will be its RS.

Positive indicators will vary depending on the purpose of advertising. These may include watching videos, go to the site, etc. The more often people will hide ads or to report her administration service, the lower the score the relevance of this announcement.

Relevance Score will be assigned in the range from 1 to 10, wherein 10 – the maximum value. As users interact with advertising and providing feedback, the rate will be updated. At the same ad with guaranteed delivery innovation is not affected. RS will also have less impact on the cost and delivery of advertising campaigns aimed at increasing brand awareness, because these ads are optimized to reach the audience, not for specific actions, such as plants.

Below – a screenshot of the form in which the new rate will be shown to advertisers:

Relevate Score

In addition, the company promises that Relevance Score will also help in conducting A / B-testing and optimization of advertising creative. Advertisers will be able to track the fluctuation rate up and down and adjust accordingly creative.

Ads with a higher coefficient of relevance will be more competitive in the auction and, ultimately, cheaper for advertisers.

However, Facebook focused on the fact that the bidding is still the “most important factor of success:

“The amount of interest is also important. For example, if two ads are aimed at the same audience, there is no guarantee that advertising with a high coefficient of relevance and low rate “would kill” the ad with good value relevance ratio and high rate. However, in general, high scores relevance will help improve the delivery of advertising in social networks. “

In this case, Facebook does not want to get hung up on marketers Relevance Score. According to the company, the relevance score “should not be used as the main indicator of the effectiveness of ads.” At the same time it represents another important metric for advertisers, which helps increase the effectiveness of advertising.

Before full-scale launch of Facebook test new features on the limited sample advertisers. One partner beta testing reported an increase in conversion rates by 20%.

Recall that in September 2013 Facebook substantially updated the algorithm display advertisements in the news called Tweak. As a result, users have begun to see in their stream only relevant ads most relevant to their social context.

In September 2014 Facebook started to analyze the causes of failure of users to view advertising in the news with the aim of improving the relevance of advertising. Now, when people do not agree to the viewing of specific ads, Facebook registers causes it to decide whether or not to show these messages to other users.

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