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The usefulness of inbound links has been said a lot, but try to give a small output in the form of a set of methods, how and where they can get hold of.

So. The first place where it is expedient to place links to your site – it’s guest book. You can use a special program that will place your link in the set Guestbook, and you can do this by yourself. The problem here is that the placement of back links in guest books have become a very popular business and state of the art shows that they are often overwhelmed with all bullshit, allegedly Viagra, etc. Therefore, the value of such guestbooks falls and they are closed, and with them disappear and links among them will be yours.

But for a while they will still give a positive effect. The main thing – it’s used them indexed search engine, but already there is only time will tell how long the link to the remote Guestbook be considered functional.

Now on the forums. To get hold of the opportunity to post on the forum, as you know, you must go through the registration form, which is associated with the waste a lot of time. And in order to back-links had its effect is not necessary to post them in a dozen forums. Therefore it is recommended to use special software that will automatically fill in the required fields. It is recommended to use the Google Toolbar, or that the most acceptable – AI RoboForm.

To understand how this all works will not be difficult. The problem arises in how to find forums – because you need as much as possible! To help in this task can use the operators, ie special values, which are designed to weed out or vice versa incorporate these or other pages in search results.

For example, if you search for forums in a particular domain zone, the use of the operators site: and inurl: very much at hand. It may look as follows: site: com inurl: memberlist. This means that we are looking for in the domain zone com sites in the url which is the word memberlist. In short, do not forget that the search engines allow the use of operators that are very helpful in the search.

Spend time on something that would sort out their proper use and save a lot of time when searching for forums that will give you additional traffic. The next place where you can post your links – it’s blogs. There is already a try on the full – a lot of blogs and topics they are different! Place them in their precious links, do not hesitate :). And lastly – do not forget about good old boards – with them, too, can fuck traffic!

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