Debunk myths: Social networks

Social networks play an important role in the business world. Often, business owners or managers of industrial enterprises are simply overloaded with information about how to get ahead with the help of social networks.

In this situation, it is interesting that work on the Internet is not as difficult as it sounds, especially if you ignore the various inessential detail and focus on some really important ways. Today we’d like to debunk some of the myths concerning to social media, which only complicate our life. But in fact they can be safely ignored.

Myth number 1. It’s all about the numbers

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The most common myth – that the success of social networks depends largely on the kinds of numbers – the number of friends, subscribers, the number of Likes, repost and shares, etc. At first glance it seems quite logical but it’s absolutely not true.

If you have a few hundred subscribers or even thousands of them, it doesn’t mean that they all read your updates and news. Moreover, it is likely that most of them don’t even see your posts from hundreds of other updates, which they signed. Such “subscribers” just wander aimlessly in the information sea.

So there is no point of chasing and trying to get many subscribers and friends. Instead, focus on how to convey information to the very people who need it. They, in turn, will distribute/share your posts and this will help you gain more subscribers and friends and of those that are actually interested in your business.

Myth number 2. The most important thing – attract customers

In terms of customer service, social networks – is a great way to interact with customers. And in the field of social media marketing can be used for market research, marketing campaigns and a better interaction with customers and clients.

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But if you’re a manager or business consultant, social networks are not the best use of your time. You can sometimes look through news on Twitter or your company brand page on Facebook, to track the reaction of customers to your products but you don’t need to be constantly in correspondence with customers. It’s not your responsibility and if you spend too much time on it, you just do not have time for most of the work!

Instead, use social media as another way to share the basic news of your company. For example, they can get acquainted subscribers with blog news, videos, articles and special reports. Or, if you are CEO use social networks to share some important information relating to, for example, the company’s strategy or policy.

Myth number 3. Facebook and Twitter – the main network resources

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When most people use the term “social media”, they are referring to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Of course, these sites are important but they only improve distribution of your news.

More valuable are the resources where you place information directly. For example, these are various blogs (articles), YouTube (video), SlideShare (presentations), e-mail providers, (e-books) and ITunes Store (e-books and podcasts). Use these resources to create and deliver your message to customers, and then spread them through social networks.

Myth number 4. You have to do it all yourself

When you use the above resources, typically attract customers as a person, not as a business or brand. So you need to be authoritative and show your face (literally – in the video and profile photos, metaphorically – by the style of presentation of information.) That is, you have to take personal responsibility for key messages but you can delegate some tasks for the distribution and promotion of information to other employees.

For example:

  • You can be the leading on YouTube channel but your team can deal with the placement of video on this resource and distribute it on their blogs and on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • You can write articles and your team can post it on the blogs.
  • You can use the services to automatically blog posting on Twitter and Facebook.
  • You can use the services for broadcast news and choose what to post on social networks and what not.

Myth number 5. Working with social networks is time consuming and requires a lot of efforts

It really takes time and requires some effort, but that does not mean you have to hang around for hours on social networks.

Create a schedule for yourself, which you can actually follow. As a rule, this includes creation of one key message per week and distribute it – for example, publication of a short article (400-500 words) or record a short video for 2-3 minutes.

The reason is in the sequence. Create online database is a process – not a single event. Build your business, step by step and in the end you will gain a strong reputation, which will be of real value to your customers and increase the profitability of your business.

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