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  1. New Kindle Oasis E-Reader Can Take a Dunking

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    New Kindle Oasis E-Reader Can Take a Dunking

    Amazon on Wednesday pulled the wraps off a new premium e-reader that’s waterproof and has a sharp 300 pixels-per-inch display.

    The Kindle Oasis has a 7-inch Paperwhite display and sports an aluminum back and ergonomic shape that makes it easier to read for prolonged periods. It has a battery life measured in weeks, and it can charge from zero to full power in two hours.

    Audible, Amazon’s audiobooks service, is built into Oasis.

    Its base price is US$250, and it will begin shipping on Oct. 31.

    “Ten years ago, we introduced our first Kindle with the mission of delivering any book ever written in 60 seconds or less,” said Dave Limp, senior vice president for Amazon devices and services.

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  2. FTC Tightens Screws on Social Media Influencers

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    FTC Tightens Screws on Social Media Influencers

    Social media influencer advertising has become a major factor in e-commerce.

    Marketers of both big and small brands long have committed large chunks of their advertising budgets to endorsements by well-known personalities, in an effort to influence consumers to purchase products and services.

    Social media influencer campaigns are based on that tried-and-true formula, but the implication is that the endorsements are voluntary.

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has taken notice of social media influencer programs and has expressed concern over whether endorsements are voluntary or are compensated with money or other valuable incentives.

    Failure to disclose a commercial relationship between the marketer and the influencer constitutes an unfair or deceptive business practice, according to the FTC.

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  3. Apple Releases Retro Version of iTunes

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    Apple has made a retro version of iTunes available, 12.6.3, reviving features removed by the mammoth 12.7 overhaul it released last month. News of the release surfaced Monday
    in a post on Reddit by user vista980622.

    Apple Releases Retro Version of iTunes

    The company was low key about the release, saying in an online post dated Sept. 23 that the retro version was for business partners who needed iTunes to mass deploy apps on iOS devices.

    iTunes 12.7 for macOS and Windows removed the program’s ability to sync apps and ringtones with iOS devices.

    Apple said it would not provide support for the retro version of iTunes.

    Pacifier for Enterprises

    “iTunes is a way that some enterprises distribute their proprietary iOS apps to employees, particularly in areas where there isn’t strong cellular connectivity,” said Ross Rubin, principal analyst at Reticle Research.

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  4. Zuckerberg Pays Virtual Visit to Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    Zuckerberg Pays Virtual Visit to Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday used
    virtual reality tech
    to “teleport” to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico and soon was dubbed a “heartless billionaire” by critics who felt he had exploited the dire situation in the U.S. territory.

    That likely isn’t what Zuckerberg intended when he provided the Facebook Spaces video demonstration, showing how an Oculus Rift VR headset can be used to get a close-up view of some of the devastation Hurricane Maria caused last month.

    The demo shows how Oculus-equipped Facebook Spaces users can tour parts of the island and communicate with one another via their respective avatars.

    Zuckerberg made his virtual visit to Puerto Rico with Rachel
    Franklin, head of the company’s social VR unit. During their demonstration, they highlighted such features as Safety Check, which is intended as a way for Facebook users to alert friends and relatives that they’re safe following a natural disaster or other traumatic event.

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  5. Gadget Ogling: Same Old Apple

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    Gadget Ogling: Same Old Apple

    Welcome to Gadget Dreams and Nightmares, the column that prods and probes at the latest gadget announcements just in case there’s literally anything worth writing home about.

    In this glorious fall breeze of an edition, we take a look at the latest product suite to drift our way from the Apple hivemind, and one especially intriguing item from Google’s latest hardware slate.

    As ever, these are not reviews, and the ratings relate only to how much I’d like to try each item.

    Dial It Up

    Watching Apple’s product announcement showcase is a bit like celebrating New Year’s. People from all over the world are drawn to this annual event with the promise of something new and exciting, a vision of tomorrow and untold promise.

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  6. Hologram Debuts Open Source Cellular Modem for IoT

    23 Nov 2017 ...  

    Hologram Debuts Open Source Cellular Modem for IoT

    Hologram on Thursday launched Nova, the first open source modem for cellular connectivity.

    Nova is a USB cellular modem purpose-built for Internet of Things development. Its Hologram software tools are compatible with most single board computers, such as Raspberry Pi.

    The Nova modem is open source and unlocked, so its use is not limited to Hologram’s SIMs. Though it targets the developer community, it has potential uses for everyone from makers to system architects. It sells for US$49.

    Nova comes with the Hologram Python SDK, which makes cellular connectivity intuitive for Single Board Computers (SBC) like the Raspberry Pi family, Beagle Boards, CHIP and Debian-based systems, according to Pat Wilbur, CTO of Hologram.

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  7. What to choose when outgrown free hosting?

    19 Sep 2016 ...  

    Sooner or later every webmaster realizes that his project is ripe for migration to the free hosting service where at least someone for something responsible. The absence of a foreign advertising, fault tolerance, full technical support, contractual obligations on the part of service providers – these are the things, the need for which became apparent as soon as the project, commercial or any other, is gaining decent momentum. Before you respond to tempting offers of various hosting providers, we must decide that you need to do is: dedicated server, shared hosting or virtual dedicated server, which is a sort of hybrid of the first two options.

    A dedicated server (Dedicated Server)

    The easiest-to-understand option – a separate physical computer hardware with its own resources, which are managed by only you. Attractive at first glance an option, if not a “but.” And it is that the dedicated server rental – the most expensive option of all possible. Offhand, other things being equal, this option will cost you much more expensive than, any other. Why, then renting it?

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  8. How to create effective landing pages

    19 Oct 2015 ...  

    Landing page – it’s a page that is created on a website specifically for people who come to this site for the first time. There are essential elements of successful landing pages.

    Getting on the homepage random visitors can’t always understand – what is the aim of such a site. So many webmasters create a special page where simple and accessible language explains offered opportunities and project’s mission.


    Before landing page construction you need to decide what the purpose of the page is. Phone calls, an application via email (these two goals can be used simultaneously), download documents, applying for free advice, newsletter subscription and so on. It helps landing to develop the structure, text make users act. That is, all the basic elements. That’s why you should start with the goal to implement exactly what you want.

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  9. 6 ways to create selling text

    29 Sep 2015 ...  

    A good beginning is the key to success. This is a common axiom in many cases. It doesn’t require proofs or beliefs. If the entry of text has been composed expressionless, then nobody will want to read your article, and you could be confident that nobody will take advantage of your offer.

    Selling text without a good beginning is like a wheelbarrow without a wheel. Even when you made up a catchy headline, you just don’t know how to start article, don’t you? Lets deal with it together.

    1. Problems

    This method is often considered like a very simple, but exactly his simplicity makes it effective and popular. The most important principle of “problem beginning” is to describe the real problem, but not dreamed up.

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  10. Why You Need to Edit Your Blog Posts

    14 Jul 2015 ...  

    Editing your blog posts is of the utmost importance. However, very few people actually edit their blog articles before they post them. Perfect shows attention to detail and high-quality work.

    It is not good enough if you just have good ideas. You need to be able to express those ideas well. The expression is a close second to the ideas themselves. It is generally a good idea, if possible, to have another person edit your content in addition to you. As good as the writing may be, the writer will inevitably miss something in his or her blog content because he or she knows what the content is supposed to say and may miss errors.

    The following are important reasons why you need to edit your blog postings:

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  11. Using WordPress To Build a Business Web Site

    11 Jul 2015 ...  

    There is no question that WordPress is the most popular blogging software. Thanks to a very active development team, WordPress has stayed ahead of the competition and has added more features than any other blogging platform.

    But WordPress has evolved into something much more than just blogging software. It has become a very easy-to-use content management system (CMS) platform.

    What is Content management systems ?

    Content management systems offer a full range of web page management and editing tools that make the management of a content-based web site something that anyone can easily manage without having to deal with web site designers and developers on a regular basis. With a CMS, you can build a web site with minimal ongoing expense.

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  12. Choosing the Best Domain Name For Your Web Site

    10 Jul 2015 ...  

    Choosing the best domain name for a web site is a task that should be taken very seriously. The choice you make can be a critical success factor that can either help boost your traffic significantly or prevent users from finding your web site.

    The first thing to consider is the strategy you wish to pursue when choosing a domain name. A strategy is a goal. It is what you wish to achieve with the web site. Are most Internet users familiar with your company name or your product or service brands names? This is an important first question to ask because it can help determine the best strategy.

    There are two basic strategies for selecting a domain name. You can either look for a name that’s good for branding or a keyword rich domain. Each serves a different purpose.

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  13. Blogging Secrets: Ways to Generate Leads With Blogging!

    01 Jul 2015 ...  

    I’ve got some incredible blogging techniques for you to assist you Generate leads

    You’ve determined to produce an earnings from house blogging. What I ‘d like to share with you are a few blogging tricks on how to generate leads without paying a penny. Let’s obtain you begun by learning exactly how to create cost-free leads.


    Here’s something that you have to bear in mind as we discuss this, and that is the 3 C’s of advertising. We would like to …

    • Create Additional Web traffic
    • Capture More Leads
    • Convert Leads into Sales

    Now ideal method to get begun is to have a blog website that commands and rates well in the search engines which would take care of all three of those. The moment you get that, it depends on you to develop convincing content to obtain this started. (tip … hint … Blogging Secrets).

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  14. Alexa rank explained

    29 May 2015 ...  

    Alexa rank is quite often overlooked in people’s quest to top Google’s rankings.  While it has very little association with Google SEO, it is a crucial measurement for site monetization and anyone who wishes to advertise on their site really does need to know what the Alexa rank is and how their site can achieve a high rank.

    This article explains Alexa rank and describes some of the steps you can take to improve your scores and create a website that is in demand.

    Alexa rank in brief

    Alexa rank is a system for scoring websites based on the amount of traffic that they receive.  It is very basically calculated by measuring the number of visits to a site made by people who have the Alexa toolbar installed.  The Alexa traffic rank is comprised of a three month rolling set of data and it measures both the number of page views and the number of users who visited those pages.

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  15. How to choose the right font for your site?

    02 Mar 2015 ...  

    When making your site, you must give due consideration to the choice of font or fonts. Most people visit the web resources to get information through reading, so you need to make the process as comfortable as possible.

    What are the nuances of using fonts? It is believed that the use of a variety of different fonts on one site could shoot down, confuse the reader, and if you use only one of them, the site may seem boring and bland.

    The optimal solution to use two main fonts is  when you make a site. One use for the header, and the other – for the main text. Thus, the user will be easy to distinguish the headers from the text when viewing, and the site look more complete.

    For the title, for example, you can use the font Verdana, and for the main textArial, or other options. However, keep in mind that not necessarily a font that you have installed on your computer correctly displayed on the user’s computer. If the same font is not installed in the reader, it does display any alternative to your font or default.

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  16. What is Open Directory Project (DMOZ) and why it is important for the promotion of the site?

    24 Feb 2015 ...  

    Open Directory Project – one of the largest catalogs of electronic resources. Above it employs more than 7,000 volunteers.
    Other names of Open Directory Project is DMOZ or ODP.

    Interest webmaster to Open Directory Project is likely to focus on the desire to add to there website and increase thus its “visibility” and the number of users who visit it.

    Of course, you can simply add a site in the search engine index any, and to finish this promotion – but for a good result resource must be in “good standing” at the 2-3-known search engines (SE).

    Why do we tell you about DMOZ?   The fact that this – free system, and get, though it takes time, but simply. Workers of directory – regular users.

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  17. What is Hosting and How to Choose It

    26 Dec 2014 ...  

    Hello all, in this article we will talk about Hosting, how to choose and presents it.

    When you did not have big problems, did not create enormous projects, you did not yet have high visited, then to you it can show oneself that all of it very simply. However, if your business is perspective, then he necessarily will begin to broaden, and the amount of your visitors will go across a line, and then your web-site simply will begin to be failed and give the failures of different kinds.

    So that, before to create something clever, it is necessarily needed first of all to look after your hosting. Hosting must be very reliable, and access and speed must be as never stable, for example as a php mysql hosting.Choice of hosting A project that will have problems with access can not collect even and minimum visited.

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