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Bing promotes browser Edge in the search results at the request of Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft Edge

English-speaking users noticed that Bing offers to install the browser Microsoft Edge in search results on request, including Chrome or Firefox.

Microsoft's Edge Browser

During a search at the request of [Chrome] Edge in the browser on the device running Windows 10 Bing offers users the following message:

Microsoft Recommends on Windows 10 Edge

It contains the phrase: «Microsoft recommends that Microsoft Edge for Windows 10″ and the button “to find out why.” Clicking on the button brings the user to the page that contains the generalized information and does not explain why you should install the Edge instead of Chrome.

A similar message will be displayed and searches for [Firefox]:

Microsoft Recommends on Windows 10 Edge

Additional promotion Edge

This type of promotion is not limited to searches in Microsoft Edge. While using the Chrome browser on a computer running Windows 10 search through Bing on request [Firefox] issued the following block:

Firefox get Bing

As can be seen from the screenshot, it contains brief information about Firefox, along with a proposal to install Microsoft Edge at the top of the unit. A similar message appears during the search at the request of [Chrome] through Bing through the Chrome browser and Firefox. These messages appear once and re-search is no longer displayed.

For the practice of search engine promotion of its own products in search results is not new. Earlier this year we saw as Google, and Yahoo encouraged Firefox users to change the search engine the default.

Currently, Bing and Yahoo in their main pages promoting Edge and Firefox, respectively:

Microfot Edge Try Bing

Yahoo recommend Firefox

However, if Microsoft has a caveat: the company is one of the prosecutors in the case against Google, linked with the promotion of the Internet giant’s own products in search results. Therefore, the current promotion strategy Edge in Bing may adversely affect the anti-trust proceedings.

Unlike Google, Bing share in Europe and the US is not large enough to enable companies to be brought antitrust charges. But now Microsoft is doing the same thing as Google: promotes its own products in its own search engine when searching for products of competitors. And this fact is Google can use to protect against the charges of the European Commission.

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