Anchors HTML and Keyword Optimization

The Anchors HTML is extremely important in your web search optimization.  Make sure you use anchor text wisely in your Google SEO or a great opportunity for keyword optimization could be missed!

Anchors HTML and Google SEO

Correct Anchors HTML can actually make a really significant different to your Google SEO success.  In previous blogs we have established that you need to get backlinks in order to improve search ranking.  Today it’s worth taking a look at a common mistake that people make when they place backlinks on a website.  Many people place their links in the following ways.

Please see our website: “” OR  “You can find more details here.”

Both examples are missing out on a valuable opportunity to improve Google SEO by leveraging the text associated with their link through the use of effective anchors text.

What is the Anchors HTML?

The anchors HTML is the code that you place either side of a link. An anchor link is the text that you click on when you want to follow the link posted.  For example, at the beginning of this post we used the word “get backlinks” as an anchored link to our blog posting on building backlinks.  Many people use words like “click here” or “homepage” as their anchor text and while this works perfectly fine, it misses out on a valuable opportunity; to associate your website with a keyword.

When Google and other search engines read links they use the text in that link to try and understand what your website is about.  Words like “here” mean very little and do not add to Google’s understanding of what you do.  However, if you use anchors text that takes the form of one of the keywords for which you want your site to rank, you are giving Google a better understanding of your site and this will help you to gain a higher rank for that keyword.

For example, if your site sells clothes you may choose “buy clothes online” as your anchor text and as the link back to your site.  This tells search engines what you do and when someone enters a search containing “buy clothes online” your site will be more likely to rank as a good match and hence your site has successfully been optimized for that search term.

How to Anchor Text

HTML code for an anchor text appears as follows:

<a href=”“>Your Keyword</a>

Easy!  The link still counts as a backlink to your site but has the added advantage of associating your site with one of your chosen keywords.  That is excellent web search optimization!

A word of warning…

If you do anchor text make sure that you only use keywords that are associated with your site.  If Google thinks that the content of the site doesn’t match with the link text it may penalize your site.  You should also vary the text; “buy clothes online”, “online clothes store”, “purchase clothes” etc.  This will make the links appear more natural as search engines may grown suspicious if the same anchor text is always used.

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