9 Usability Attributes and Their Use

The importance of an active presence on the Internet grows exponentially. Companies should follow his audience in digital-space and provide her with the most efficient operation online.

However, the creation of the site – that’s not all. You must pay the maximum attention of their audience, the process of its interaction with the site and how you can influence it. Using the 9 attributes of usability, described in this article, everyone will be able to present content so that it is possible to satisfy users.

9 usability attributes:

  • Studying
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Low error rate and stability thereto
  • Satisfactory
  • Practicality
  • Control and flexibility
  • Custom features
  • Context and purpose
  • Interface and Design

These attributes are required to optimize the usability of the site and the creation of the target audience the best experience.


This attribute is related to how quickly and easily you can study the functional of the site. If visitor can not learn to navigate, or he can not interact with the functional of the site, studying is low. An example of the failure of this attribute is a situation where the user can not find a product category or section. To successfully use this attribute, it is important to make your website very simple. Too many response signals, navigation and images may distract the user from what to do and where to go. For some types of sites complexity are unavoidable. But with the correct operation of the structure, they may still be simplified. The site Ebay in the US navigation easy to understand and learn. All news and events depicted in the background and a diversionary content is lower and does not interfere with the visitor to understand the functionality.


Efficiency and Effectiveness

Attributes of efficiency and effectiveness are always the same. They both relate to how well the user can interact with the site, when the functional has been studied. Site Performance is measured by how quickly users are already familiar with its functionality, can reach its goal. Effectiveness due to the fact whether the user understand the first time navigation, organization and functionality. Visitors should carry out their tasks easily. There are many ways to exploit the efficiency and effectiveness. As studying with the use of these attribute was successful, operation site should be kept as simple as possible. Navigation “bread crumbs” and the option “Recently Viewed” can help simplify the work with the site.

Low Error Rate and Stability

To meet this requirement, the website should be as free of potential errors. This means that there must be a minimum number of scenarios in which the user will have to start the process again. If mistakes are inevitable, it needs a system that allows them to easily fix. There are different ways to achieve success with these attributes. The site must be provided with the lowest possible errors due to clear instructions and directions, where the user must go further.

If an error occurs, it should be easily correctable. For example, if the form is not valid, must be a system that immediately report the specific errors. Also need the right vebobsluzhivanie. For example, clearing pages 404 and 301 redirect from setting them to “live” URL, you can keep users from leaving the site. The page itself with a 404 error should also be prepared. In the example of Mcaleicester website navigation user supported website.

One of Site Navigator


Needless to say, the thrill of working with the site – an important part of the user experience. The site must meet all requirements of the visitor and be pleasant in the interaction. This attribute can also affect other. If a website is difficult to use, it contains errors and changes frequently, so that users can not remember its functionality, it can not be considered satisfactory. Since this attribute is very subjective, it is difficult to say that one site “satisfactory” other. One may like the background music on Real Estate’s website While others may find it distracting. The only way to make this attribute is satisfactory – surveys and research.

It’s hard to always be users who are ready to take part in the survey, but if you offer them some kind of incentive, such as a discount on your next purchase, or the chance to win the lottery, you can increase the number of people willing to participate in the study.

Practicality, Purpose, User Characteristics

These three attributes are listed together because they are interdependent.

  • Practicality shows how useful the site content to visitors.
  • The goal is achieved, if the visitors use the site.
  • Custom characteristics affect both of these factors, because they take into account how the target audience perceives the information, what she wants, and other indicators.

To succeed with these attributes usability you need to understand your target audience and business objectives:

  • What are they looking for?
  • How your site can meet the needs of users?
  • What is the purpose of your site and what type of content will help achieve it?

Once you answer these questions, you can provide appropriate content for your target audience. A good example of the content in which the target audience needs, can be found at Aliexpress. The site provides information on all types of skin problems, which will be interesting to the audience with relevant interests. Content written and submitted by dermatologists, so users develops more confidence in him.

Aliexpress site

Interface, Design, Flexibility

Perhaps the most important attributes are the interface and site design, as well as how much control the user has over them. All other attributes do not care one way or another, fall under the concept of design. You should think about what colors will affect the users, what fonts are displayed for them, what kind of navigation will be better perceived by your target audience, and many other design elements. A good example of a site where everything is taken into account here – Clarity Way Alcohol Detox Rehabilitation site .

Its design is based on a natural green color, which, according to many studies, facilitates the disease and treat pain. This site visitors are looking for solace from his addiction, so the use of this color is very important. Also, with regard to the control/flexibility, important to be able to change the font size, because users are likely to want to influence the content.

Measurement of the Effect

If you have a website, it is important to continuously measure and verify the effectiveness of the chosen design, content, and so on. D. It is necessary to focus on indicators such as:

  • The time spent on the site,
  • Bounce rate,
  • Conversion (the amount depends on what the purpose of your site).

You can get traffic using other methods, but if the site is not easy to use, the conversion will be very low.

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