6 ways to create selling text

A good beginning is the key to success. This is a common axiom in many cases. It doesn’t require proofs or beliefs. If the entry of text has been composed expressionless, then nobody will want to read your article, and you could be confident that nobody will take advantage of your offer.

Selling text without a good beginning is like a wheelbarrow without a wheel. Even when you made up a catchy headline, you just don’t know how to start article, don’t you? Lets deal with it together.

1. Problems

This method is often considered like a very simple, but exactly his simplicity makes it effective and popular. The most important principle of “problem beginning” is to describe the real problem, but not dreamed up.

Only in this way you will be able to interest a potential customer.

  • You are constantly busy. You are working all the time. You have no strength to fight with superiors, colleagues and household members. You are just tired. Take a break! Think about romance!
  • You are plagued by constant headaches? You can’t work, sleep and rest easy? Forget about your problems … Take a drug that has already helped thousands of people and proved its effectiveness.
  • The problem of effective advertising has always existed. Don’t you encountered it? All your efforts are equal to zero, customers refuse your offers and you can’t find a way out of this situation? We know what you need! We will make you the best! We will increase your sales!

2. Summary

This pattern is used even by the most well-known copywriters. A small summary describes the benefits of your proposition in a nutshell. Don’t put your cards on the table at once. Intrigue:

  • After reading this text you will learn the secrets how to lose 20 pounds in 5 days.
  • Check out our offer and earn $ 100 in 10 minutes!
  • Are you looking for a way to have a great time? View our deals and open up new possibilities for cheap holiday.
  • We’ll tell you how to increase your turnover by 200%.

Good Selling text3. Stories

All people love them. It’s not a secret that they can be effectively used in advertising texts. Selling texts beginning with the story is very easy to read. They capture readers’ attention and lead them to the desired result.

At the same time this is the most difficult way, because it’s not easy to make up the story that will affect the audience with different tastes and preferences.

– I (just like you are now) haven’t believed that there was an effective way to get rid of acne. I’m told: “Take it easy, it’s age-related!”. But how long to wait? I am already 15 years old! I trusted the drug “X” and it completely changed my life. Now I don’t use a ton of makeup to conceal skin imperfections. Now I feel free! I guarantee: “You can get rid of acne right now!”


Quote of the famous person is a great choice for selling text beginning. It must be linked with the text and demonstrate the benefits of goods or services at a subconscious level.

  • “Fatties are living less. But they eat more”. What do YOU choose?
  • “The body is baggage that you carry for all your life. The heavier this baggage is, the shorter journey is”.
  • “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark”.
  • “Advertising is the art of consumer’s itch excitation”.
  • “Makeup is a tool to look younger in old age and older in youth”.

5. Proposal

You can just go the direct way, instead of doing strange circles, ensnaring buyers. It is better to explain what you offer. In many cases this method is very efficient.

  • Buy cosmetics «Y» and turn disadvantages into advantages.
  • Our tea is your chance to clean your body. Use it correctly.
  • Use our services and become younger by 10 years.

6. Live issue

A very important skill is the ability to raise the actual question. Often it is a good beginning for selling text.

  • Do you have a headache?
  • Are you suffering from overweight?
  • Do you feel tired and unwell?

Attention is attracted!

Good beginning of selling text gives clear information about your offer just in a few paragraphs. Also a combination of these two methods of introductory paragraph writing attract the reader’s attention:

  • using “you”;
  • unusual direct statement: “You are tired of housework” or “You CAN find a way to lose weight.”
  • Introductory paragraph should include a statement every reader will agree with. The introduction should make the reader “involved” in the situation. Satisfy his curiosity!

The introductory paragraph is the same as the title! With the help of it, you must win the favor to yourself and your product, appeal to customers’ needs and promise to solve their problems. Your product should be described like it’s the only right decision, and if person would refuse your offer, he/she lost all his/her hope. Show the reader that you are able to help, and he/she will definitely appeal to you!

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