6 steps of SEO-copywriting

What is SEO-copywriting?

Imagine that your web site through which you sell products or offer services is already in the top positions in search engine for specific queries. Your potential buyer – search engine user – can be quite meticulous. He won’t stop his choice at the very first line of search results. It opens e.g top 5 sites and will choose.

He will be surprised and perhaps disappointed when it turns out that the texts on the sites are the same, boring, outdated. User’s patience can quickly end. And suddenly on your site his attention attracted the title, clearly saying that “here’s what you’re really looking for.”

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User scans the text as it’s easy to do since the main words on the page are highlighted and important features are in bulleted lists. With thanks for friendly text the reader will be focused on a paragraph. In this paragraph, in an easy accessible form is presented an interesting description of what he was looking with a few interesting facts.

“That’s it!” – think the potential buyer. Seeing important information about company, our buyer is ready to call and offer products or services he needs. It’s a real example when visitor become a real buyer.

SEO-copywriting – is the creation of such texts for websites through which this transformation takes place.

Copywriting text for site

If your page is in search results – then it is optimized for certain search queries. Visitors view a page and easily find all the necessary information – it means the text on this page has been prepared specifically for the Web environment. Potential buyer makes a directed action (call, write, order, etc.) – then the text on the site stimulates him to do so.

SEO-copywriting – is the creation of texts that meet three requirements:

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  • optimization for search engines
  • readability for visitors
  • motivation to readers’ activities


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It’s a very important requirement – unique and interesting content. First of all, it tells the search engine robot that there is useful information on your site and it is not like on other sites.

What is the aim of SEO-copywriting?

Realizing what SEO-copywriting is, we can easily define the main aims and objectives:

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  • improving site (document) position in search results
  • rapid and complete giving required information to readers
  • conversion of potential buyers into active customers


But the usefulness of SEO-copywriting for your site is not limited to these important objectives.

What does SEO-copywriter do?

The process of writing texts – is creation. That’s why is not always possible to look at the monitor that is engaged with SEO-copywriting.

Technical stages of SEO-copywriter can be represented as the following steps:

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  • Learning content and optimized site theme
  • Semantic core preparation for a text (based on key words)
  • Finding information on a particular subject
  • Make a plan for writing articles
  • Writing texts
  • Proofreading, checking, monitoring occurrences of keywords
  • HTML coding
  • Highlight keywords in a text
  • Final page verification  and HTML code validation


I have a website, and I know that for high positions in search engines I need content, but I don’t understand key words, could SEO-copywriting help?

It could help but SEO-copywriting – is one of the elements of search engine web site promotion. Needed keywords to write texts must find a specialist who optimizes your website.

Semantic core is not for SEO-copywriter but for optimizer for two reasons:

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  • optimizer must identify key words on which position in search engines are low to write optimized texts
  • optimizer must follow the plan of putting external links to increase site ranking and identify key words, which will be used for links in the third site articles


How else can SEO-copywriting help in website promotion?

In some cases, the result of SEO-copywriting can’t be site filing and thematic articles for placement on other Web resources.

What does SEO-copywriter do

One of the important factors in ranking your site in search engines is reference ranking (i.e. the account of incoming links to your site).

Writing articles with text links with certain key words on your site, and placing them on similar subject sites will have a favorable influence on index citation and reference site rankings.

The same effects can be accurately constructed and within the same site (the so-called internal link building). Moreover, increase content on your site and regular addition of new materials is also perceived favorably by search engines.

How to choose experienced SEO-copywriter?

If you already have in mind a few specialists the very first and most important criterion – to view their examples of work (portfolio). Writing texts – is flight of thought, so the style of different people can be not just good or bad, it can be different. Choose the one that is suitable for your site.

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The next object is, of course, the cost of the work. It is important to be careful, because in each case, the price of a text can be specified for 1000, 1800 or 2000 characters with spaces (with or without spaces). It may be simpler formulation – “the price per page.” In this case, it is necessary to specify how much an author considers characters per a page.

A few more features that will help with your choice are recommendations of your colleagues or friends, personal familiarity with SEO-copywriter, can be considered optional. But, often, several good words about a particular person, you have heard from reputable colleagues, may be more significant of all the other parameters.

Finally, SEO-copywriter – is also a man who loves his job and loves the Internet. Write a letter to him (check the ability and willingness to ask questions), socialize through ICQ, call him (well-known and honest professionals don’t hide their contact information).

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