5 ways how to steal traffic from a competitor

Have you ever wondered why your competitor is attracting a lot of traffic, and why you do not get so much? Would you like to steal some traffic from your competitor?

Here are five ways to do this:

# 1 – Learn their keywords

Check in SEMrush your competitor, there you can see a list of keywords that are in the TOP.
SEMRush will show you:

  • keywords;
  • frequency of key words;
  • landing page for each keyword.

This is valuable information if you want to take away from its rivals some of the traffic.

Select the most relevant keywords and create content for it’s keywords, take into account a reasonable competition.

Make sure that you create the page better than your competitor, be guided by higher quality and provide more value to readers. Start aggressively promote this page. It makes no sense to write different texts in the blog, if no one knows that you have them.

# 2 – Increase the domain authority

Company Moz scans the Internet to gather information related to the site, and assigns a Domain Authority each site. This indicator is based on a set of factors that also have an impact on Google when content rankings. Indicators Domain Authority ranges from 0 to 100 and the higher, the more likely to rank in the top positions.

You should aim to increase the index of Domain Authority, as possible, so take steps to increase it. Just check out your competitors, that would understand what is the difference in ranking your competitors. What would you have always been handy to know these figures, you can download the free version of the plugin for Ghrome – Moz Toolbar with official website Moz.

The best way to raise the profile and have remained high quality links, but taking into account the Trust referring domains and their subjects.

# 3 – High quality links your competitor

The report Brian Deane of Backlinko about how Google ranks content, it was concluded that high quality links from other sites is still extremely important for the search engine.

Use SEO tools such as Ahrefs, to find sites that link to websites of competitors and try to get links from the same resources.

# 4 – Be more authoritative site

Creating / providing a high quality of content / service / product is much steeper than draw attention to your site than all the other tricks.

One way to become a key industry reputation, is to create content that will show you, as a leader in a particular segment. You also need to build relationships with other key authorities in your industry. The high credibility of your website will help lure a significant portion of your traffic to your competitor.

# 5 – Use a paid promotion

Advertising on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, etc. using paid ads is becoming more important to reach the target audience and potential new customers.

In Facebook, you can target ads based on a huge number of demographic characteristics, including age, location and interests (85 targeting options). If your competitor is popular enough, it may be listed as an interest, so that you will be able to target your ads to people who have subscribed to your competitors to get to the people in your niche who have not heard of you.

The online world is very competitive environment, so you need to be competitive. Try some of these tactics and your traffic will increase.

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