3 Ways to Make Twitter Marketing Work

Twitter marketing, today, remains at the forefront of social media marketing along with Facebook marketing.  You can hardly find any popular brand not on Twitter, and many companies use Twitter to connect with the public and with the customers. Because of the immense power of this network in growing any business, more marketers and brand managers are still jumping on to the bandwagon of marketing with Twitter.

However, being in Twitter is still not a guarantee of success. You need to have some working plans to achieve success in your marketing campaign.

While there are countless of ways of attaining ultimate social media success with Twitter, here are 3 ways to make Twitter marketing work for your business.

Way #1 – Know the Unwritten Rules

Aside from knowing the rules and the network’s terms of use, you should also be aware of the unwritten marketing rules. Many of these rules are imperative, and if you omit to do some of them then you will hardly gain sufficient traction from your campaign.

Create an Impressive Profile

One of the basic rules is to design your profile to perfection. Your Twitter profile will greatly affect your brand image and the reputation of your business online, especially among the twitter communities. Make it impressive enough to attract more people to start following you. Many users will usually check the user profile first before following anyone. So if they are impressed with your profile then many will start becoming your followers.

Get More Twitter Followers

Another important rule in marketing using Twiitter is to get more followers and continuously grow your fanbase. Fans are the bloodline of your Twitter marketing. If there are only a handful of them, then you can’t get sufficient results from your campaign.

Follow Only People with Similar Interests

Don’t just follow anyone for the sake of increasing your chances of being followed back. While this method sometimes works in boosting your fanbase, this old-school technique will only clutter your fanbase with too many followers not interested in your tweets, thereby significantly reducing your performance. Aside from that, following too many people outside of your niche will also clutter your timeline with redundant tweets, thereby making it hard and relatively time-consuming for you to learn from the updates of the people you are following.

Filter Your Followers

Having a lot of followers is good, but if you want to boost the efficiency level of your campaign then you should only approve followers with real interest to your business. Take note that some users are only following you because they are hoping that you will follow back. Some of them are spam users that will only potentially damage your reputation.

Bear in mind that the social media industry is plagued with unnatural means of getting followers and fans. Many brands are buying them; some are even bots-generated accounts devoid of human activities. Having such accounts in your fanbase will cause others to be suspicious that you are buying fans and you are deceiving them of your portrayed popularity based on the number of fans. Therefore, filter your followers and keep your profile clean. This will help you achieve respect from others and attract more followers in the end.

Way #2 – Take Advantage of the Redesigned Twitter Marketing Platform Program

One of the unique benefits of using Twitter for business is its distinct marketing platform that provides access to different Twitter Partners willing to help you increase your performance and grow your business through Twitter. As of this writing, there are about 30 certified Twitter partners to choose from as listed below.

List of Marketing Platform Partners of Twitter:

  •     [x+1]
  •     4C Insights
  •     Acxiom
  •     Adaptly
  •     Adara
  •     Adobe Media Optimizer
  •     AdParlor
  •     AdRoll
  •     Bluekai
  •     Brand Network
  •     Chango
  •     Conversant
  •     Datalogic
  •     DataXu
  •     Dstillery
  •     Epsilon
  •     Kinetic Social
  •     LiveRamp
  •     Lotame
  •     MailChimp
  •     Merkle
  •     Quantcast
  •     Salesforce Exact Target Marketing Cloud
  •     Shift
  •     Social Code
  •     Social Flow
  •     Social Moov

With so many partners at your disposal, your marketing should come without flaw and success is inevitable. However, you should only forge partnership with the right company that is appropriate for your business or to your marketing goals. Otherwise, you might end up spending more on their pricey service fees while getting only minimal returns from your investment.

Way #3 – Know the Best Times for Tweeting and Retweeting

Time is an essential component of success. Different times of tweeting and retweeting will yield different results. It is important to be aware of the best time to send your tweets and the best times to retweet your tweets. There are numerous factors that come into play here. One of them is the industry; this will usually vary by niche. For some niches, tweeting during weekends will yield higher results versus during weekends. But for other niches, it’s the other way around. Nonetheless, it is important to know the appropriate timing for sending tweets and retweets, as well the frequency of sending them.

In essence, there are many strategies that you can implement if you want to conduct a Twitter marketing campaign for your business. While it’s good to have your own unique plans, it is highly recommended to include the above strategies to your marketing mix for better results.

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