On Google AdSense again sued for non-payment of advertising revenue

Super Cray, publisher site www.supercraycray.com , filed a lawsuit against the service Google AdSense.

The plaintiff claimed that Google has suspended his account with AdSense in the day when he was to receive a large amount of advertising payments.Supercraycray

According to the Super Cray, after receiving several written assurances of Google that the company’s announcement in AdSense established and functioning in accordance with the policy of the service, it has invested more than $ 300 thousand.

In content promotion, for the most part to Facebook, to drive traffic to site.

The lawsuit, filed in US District Court of Northern California, argues that Super Cray has been credited with 535 thousand. Advertising revenue in AdSense, which should have been paid to the company’s October 21, 2014.

Google, presumably, has suspended her account due to the fact that the advertising site layout to “encourage accidental clicks.”

September 29, 2014 Guys Dennis (Dennis Gayev), co-founder of Super Cray, took part in the Google-chat with a representative of AdSense. In this conversation, he sought to obtain confirmation from the employee Google, which indicators CTR, which demonstrated the company’s advertisements were in the normal range and were not caused by accidental clicks. Service representative assured him that CTR – within limits.

October 1, 2014 Super Cray again turned to Google and received confirmation that he should receive payment of $ 197,045 thousand. October 21, 2014.

Then representatives of the Internet resource several times turned to Google about the conformity of advertising on the site and the CTR AdSense policies, and every time it was prepared.

After all these assurances Super Cray invested $ 300 thousand. In the promotion of their content and to 21 October 2014 earned $ 535 thousand. In AdSense. After that, on the day of payment the company received notice that her account has been suspended, and all the resulting profit – canceled.

Google AdsenceAccording to the online resource, Google has not provided any feedback on this decision, despite repeated attempts Super Cray point out that earlier AdSense representatives clearly confirmed the compliance of the advertising site layout policy service.

Google representatives adamantly denied any misconduct on the part of the company and repeated that they can not provide details of the suspension of the publisher’s account in relation to the prevention of possible fraud attempts using this information.

The lawsuit Super Cray mentioned company PubShare, who also said that her account was suspended for the promotion of accidental clicks after receiving positive feedback from the representatives of Google AdSense.

Pubshare – site, which publishes the viral humorous pictures, lost about $ 1 million in advertising revenue. Google filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit Pubshare, but the judge decided to continue the proceedings.

In May 2014 lawyers filed a class-action lawsuit against Google AdSense on behalf of publishers, claiming that their accounts have been wrongly suspended, and advertising revenues – canceled.

Super Cray Google requires full compensation received advertising revenue.

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