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  1. Why You Should Manage Your IoT Devices Like Employees

    12 Dec 2018 ...  

    Why You Should Manage Your IoT Devices Like Employees

    There is a well-known joke among security professionals:

    Q: “What does IoT stand for?”
    A: “Internet of Threats.”

    Sadly, this joke is our reality.

    An estimated 20.4 billion Internet of Things devices will be deployed by 2020, according to Gartner, in what some have dubbed “the fourth industrial revolution.” These connected devices are being manufactured to streamline everything we do. Smart fridges will be capable of ordering groceries when we’re running low, for example, and smart desks will alert us when we’ve been sitting too long.

    While there is vast opportunity for IoT to improve both our personal and professional lives, there’s an equally vast opportunity for bad actors to exploit vulnerabilities in connected devices.

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  2. Facebook Goes Into High Gear to Fight Election Meddling, Fake News

    12 Dec 2018 ...  

    Facebook Goes Into High Gear to Fight Election Meddling, Fake News

    Defending against foreign interference in American elections is one of the priorities Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been focusing on this year, he said in a post Wednesday.

    The issue is highly sensitive, and it is one that has garnered a great deal of discussion in media reports and on the Web. Special counsel Robert Mueller warned in a court filing this spring that foreign interference efforts were still going on, and President Trump earlier this week signed an executive order that would punish such interference with sanctions.

    To date, Facebook has taken the following steps:

    • Identified and removed fake accounts ahead of elections in various countries;
    • Taken down foreign influence campaigns from Russia, Iran, Mexico and Brazil trying to influence elections abroad;
    • Attacked economic incentives to spread misinformation;
    • Worked more closely with governments — including in Germany, the United States and Mexico — to improve security during elections; and
    • Set a new standard for transparency in the advertising industry that makes advertisers more accountable for the ads they run.

    Using machine learning, Facebook identified and removed more than 1 billion fake accounts between October and March. It has doubled its safety and security workforce over the past year, from 10,000 to more than 20,000. It has been identifying and removing accounts associated with networks of people launching coordinated campaigns to distribute fake information.

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  3. Report: EU antitrust unit exploring broader local search complaint against Google – Search Engine Land

    12 Dec 2018 ...  

    The focus now moves to travel, hotels and restaurants.

    The European Commission is asking local search competitors in Europe whether Google’s algorithm changes and other practices are hurting them, according to a questionnaire seen by Reuters.

    If the answer is “yes,” the EC could bring what would be the fourth antitrust action against Google. Two of those cases have yielded nearly $8 billion in fines against the company. A third, involving AdSense agreements, is still pending.

    New focus on travel, hotels and restaurants. According to Reuters, the EC sent questionnaires to unnamed Google competitors in local search last month asking about the period from 2012 to 2017 with a focus on travel, hotels and restaurants. It reportedly asks about algorithm changes (e.g., Panda) and the local One Box and whether they’ve had an adverse impact on rivals’ businesses. The EC also has apparently asked whether Google is using any of their content (e.g., reviews) in the One Box.

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  4. The importance of understanding intent for SEO – Search Engine Land

    12 Dec 2018 ...  

    Search engines are getting more sophisticated at measuring how well a page matches intent so here are some tips on how to build a better strategy for it.

    Search is an exciting, ever-changing channel.

    Algorithm updates from Google, innovations in the way we search (mobile, voice search, etc.), and evolving user behavior all keep us on our toes as SEOs. The dynamic nature of our industry requires adaptable strategies and ongoing learning to be successful. However, we can’t become so wrapped up in chasing new strategies and advanced tactics that we overlook fundamental SEO principles.

    Recently, I’ve noticed a common thread of questioning coming from our clients and prospects around searcher intent, and I think it’s something worth revisiting here. In fact, searcher intent is such a complex topic it’s spawned multiple scientific studies (PDF) and research (PDF).

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  5. How to prepare for a JS migration – Search Engine Land

    12 Dec 2018 ...  

    Here are the steps to consider when migrating a website built with a static HTML to a JavaScript framework.

    An 80 percent decrease in organic traffic is the nightmare of every business. Unfortunately, such a nightmarish scenario may become reality if a website migration is done incorrectly; instead of improving the current situation it eventually leads to catastrophe.

    How to prepare for a JS migration - Search Engine Land

    How to prepare for a JS migration - Search Engine Land


    There are many types of migrations, such as changing, merging or splitting the domains, redesigning the website or moving to a new framework.

    Web development trends are clearly showing that the use of JavaScript has been growing in recent years and JavaScript frameworks are becoming more and more popular. In the future, we can expect that more and more websites will be using JavaScript.

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