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  1. What is GS1 SmartSearch Schema markup and why should e-commerce sites use it?

    15 Mar 2018 ...  

    Contributor Tony Edward explains the new, more advanced schema markup for products called GS1 SmartSearch and how it helps listings gain visibility in the search results.

    What is GS1 SmartSearch Schema markup and why should e-commerce sites use it?

    By now most of us should be familiar with Schema Product markup which can be leveraged for listings on e-commerce sites.

    The benefits of implementing this are serving up your product data in a structured format that is search engine friendly and has the potential to gain rich results such as product rich snippets and rich cards for your product pages.

    Now there is a more advanced way to implement Schema Product markup which provides the benefits mentioned above and can also help your products gain additional visibility. Called GS1 SmartSearch, this advanced structured data type includes customer-facing attributes related to food, beverage, tobacco and healthcare, as well as to clothing and footwear.

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  2. Study: 11 voice search ranking factors analyzed

    15 Mar 2018 ...  

    Some of the findings confirm and some upend conventional wisdom.

    Study: 11 voice search ranking factors analyzed

    Backlinko has done an extensive analysis of “voice search ranking factors” and identified 11 variables tied to appearing in Google Home results. The company examined 10,000 results delivered over the smart speaker.

    What Backlinko found was consistent with what many others have been saying but there were also a few surprises. For example, the study discounts the impact of Schema to some degree and page authority.

    Here’s a partial, paraphrased list of the ranking factors:

    • PageSpeed is a significant factor; voice search results typically come from faster-loading pages.
    • Google relies heavily on very authoritative domains for results, but pages not as much.
    • Content that ranks well on the desktop tends to rank in voice search. This might be a correlation rather than causal however.
    • Schema may not be a factor: 36 percent of pages voice search results came from pages using Schema.
    • Roughly 41 percent of voice search results came from Featured Snippets.
    • Voice search results are generally 29 words; however Google sources voice results from long-form content.
    • HTTPS is critical.

    Google has made page speed an explicit mobile ranking factor. Backlinko found that the page-load time for a voice result was almost 2X faster than traditional webpages. Not a surprise. What may be a surprise are the findings around Schema.

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  3. Multifaceted featured snippets begin rolling out in Google search results

    15 Mar 2018 ...  

    Google updates the search results features with an expanded featured snippet targeting broad, nuanced queries

    Multifaceted featured snippets begin rolling out in Google search results

    Google has been rolling out many new search features over the past few months related to images, featured snippets, and the knowledge graph. Today the search giant released another feature called “multifaceted featured snippets.”

    Multifaceted featured snippets will be surfaced for queries that are sufficiently broad enough to allow for more than one interpretation of what was submitted. In these instances, the SERP returned will include more than one featured snippet, with the original query rewritten as the questions the algorithm assumes the user may have intended, and the results displayed in the multifaceted snippet will reflect those new questions.

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