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  1. How to attract an audience to your website

    26 Jan 2017 ...  

    The interview, as the format of publication on the website can be a very powerful tool that will attract more audience to your website. But for this idea to work, you must understand the basic principles of this tool. But let’s digress from the technical side of the issue and consider the more important psychological and organizational issues.

    With whom to interview?

    Ideally, a person invited for an interview to be very famous in the same area as the theme of your website because a simple rule interview states that middle manager or anyone not interested. More real interesting interview subject or project managers of famous specialists.

    If you have a friend of one of the leaders, it is not difficult to get up to the CEO or the Project Manager, but if you do not have to accept these people, then you need to start with a clean slate. For example, begin to build a connection with ordinary employees, and gradually get to the top, although this path is very long, or send an inquiry PR-manager of the company, to immediately go to senior management. And here a matter of chance – luck or no luck, it all depends on you and your talent to convince people.

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  2. The amount of content on the website or its quality, which is more important?

    25 Jan 2017 ...  

    The main stage of the creation of any website is its filling material, and adding content begins with the birth of the website and accompanies him throughout his life.
    As food is essential for all living things, and fresh content supports electronic resource life. In addition to the subject site, as well as, methods of promotion and SEO optimization, every webmaster chooses the policy of filling the site content. Now we will discuss how to make the process more efficient and productive.

    Creating a site typically takes only a few minutes, half an hour can go to his set-up and optimization of the original design. From this point you can start adding material.

    The new site – is focusing on the amount of content.

    At the beginning is to make the site a number of articles at once, otherwise, the first site visitors will be frustrated and leave your site as soon as entering it. This immediately spoil the view of search engines (and visitors themselves) on your site.

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