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  1. What to choose when outgrown free hosting?

    19 Sep 2016 ...  

    Sooner or later every webmaster realizes that his project is ripe for migration to the free hosting service where at least someone for something responsible. The absence of a foreign advertising, fault tolerance, full technical support, contractual obligations on the part of service providers – these are the things, the need for which became apparent as soon as the project, commercial or any other, is gaining decent momentum. Before you respond to tempting offers of various hosting providers, we must decide that you need to do is: dedicated server, shared hosting or virtual dedicated server, which is a sort of hybrid of the first two options.

    A dedicated server (Dedicated Server)

    The easiest-to-understand option – a separate physical computer hardware with its own resources, which are managed by only you. Attractive at first glance an option, if not a “but.” And it is that the dedicated server rental – the most expensive option of all possible. Offhand, other things being equal, this option will cost you much more expensive than, any other. Why, then renting it?

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