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  1. Google has published guidelines for bloggers

    15 Mar 2016 ...  

    Google published in the Webmaster Central Blog remark that bloggers receive free products or services from different brands, you must follow a few rules to make sure that they do not fall under the sanction Google.

    So, if you got a product as a gift and write a review on your blog, you should:

    1. Add Nofollow attribute on a link:

    • The site of the company;
    • Its accounts in social media;
    • Page online store, where the product is sold;
    • Page product reviews;
    • The company’s mobile app in App Store.

    Bloggers should use the Nofollow tag, because these links are not organic (that is, they would not appear in the blog, if the company did not offer a free product or service in exchange for a link).

    2. Share openly about what you write about the product, because the company has given it to you for free. Customers want to know that they are reading content sponsor. This is best done at the beginning of Lent, as not all users read it to the end.

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