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  1. Google has improved its search application

    18 Nov 2015 ...  

    Google has improved semantic mechanisms of their application. Now Google app better understand requests with adjectives in the superlative degree of comparison and choice, and complex structure issues.

    Here are examples of each type of request:

    Superlatives comparison

    • Highest players Mavericks?
    • What is the largest city in Texas?
    • The largest area of the city in Iowa?


    • What was the population of Singapore in 1965?
    • What Taylor Swift songs recorded in 2014?

    Complex Structure Search

    • What was the population of the United States, was born Bernie Sanders?
    • Who was the president of the United States, when the team won the championship Anaheim Angels baseball?

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  2. Which image format is best – GIF, JPEG, PNG?

    11 Nov 2015 ...  

    In order to optimize images to achieve the best results, you need to choose the format of bitmap.

    In this article, we briefly discuss the popular GIF and JPEG formats, and then analyze PNG and dispel some of the misconceptions about it.

    GIF format (Graphics Interchange Format).

    Most color images and backgrounds on the web are the files in GIF format. This compact format is famous for the small size of image files. JPEG images contain millions of colors, and the GIF images – no more than 256.

    In addition, GIF format supports animation.

    [wpsm_box type=”info” float=”none” text_align=”left”]
    GIF format is a palette (also called as “indexed”). It contains a palette index colors, up to 256 and for each pixel of an image has a corresponding color index. If you change the image and save it as GIF, quality won’t be lost.

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